First (1st) Regiment Reserves
Charleston Reserves
Feb 1864

commanding Officers
Brown, Alexander H. , colonel
De Treville, Richard, colonel
Gourdin ( Goodwyn ), Robert N., Lieutenant colonel
Wardlaw, J. W. A. (W. A.), Major

Staff Officers
Milliken, E. P., 1st Lieutenant & Adjutant
Ravenel, William, 1st Lieutenant QuarterMaster
Robertson, F. M., Surgeon

Staff Noncommissioned Officers
Service, L. C., Sergeant Major
Fitch, W. M., Assistant Surgeon

company A - Captain

company B - Captain George S. Hacker

company C - Captain James H. Taylor

company D - Captain John C. Martin

company E - Captain Henry D Lesesne

company F - Captain T. W. Holwell

company G - Captain John E. Bowers

company H - Captain John F. O'Neill

company I - Captain W. D. Porter

UnKnown company - Captain

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