1st Reserves - Charleston Reserves
Company F

Holwell, T. W., Captain
Slawson Jr., Hamilton J., 1st Lieutenant
Hollings, B. F., 2nd Lieutenant, joined as 3rd Lieutenant
Schuckman, L., Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Almas, L. P., 1st Sergeant
Finck, H., Sergeant
Goetting, C., Sergeant
Miller, W. C., Sergeant
Ahrens, J., Corporal
Blohm, J. C., Corporal
Luders, William, Corporal
Strickfuss, L. F., Corporal

Adkins, S.
Alley, J. B. P.
Alsena, J.
Alsena, M.
Backus, F.
Barr, Samuel
Behrins, Louis
Bevins, J. K.
Bleyert, Henry
Bluet, A.
Brag, Walter
Bredinberg, J. J.
Bringlow, Samuel
Burrows, James
Burrows, Samuel
Champlain, T.
Christryburg, George
Clauss, F.
Cox, R.
Davis, Isaac
Devine, Thomas
Dexter, F. S.
Doty, A.
Finck, H.
Fisher, F.
Forbes, R.
Friendleicht, A.
Garety, Thomas
Goetting, C.
Grant, C. B.
Grantham, C. R.
Greenland, J. S.
Groggin, M.
Habemeick, A.
Hagerman, H.
Hancock, S. S.
Hasegood, George
Heinas, W. D.
Iscar, J.
Isenberg ( Isenburg ), J.
Kassins, D.
Kenedy, Peter
Laurence, W. H.
Lee, John
Leonard, John
Markhardt, J. P.
McCarthy, D. L.
McDonald, Isaac
Meitzler, F.
Morse, E.
Nelson, C.
Nelson, Nicholas
Nuss, Henry
Pain, Thomas
Paine, N. R.
Pauls, G. H.
Peirce, John
Peterson, John
Phillips, T.
Ramsden, John
Rickles, E. F.
Rickles, H.
Rivers, D. S.
Rober, C.
Russell, C.
Schlelger, H.
Smith, Isaac
Steffms, G. W.
Stuart, William
Tickenberg, J.
Tickenberg, P.
Ukerich, Louis
Vanholland, H. W.
Weinholtz, F.
Westerland, C. F. There is a Captain C. F. Westerland of the Charleston Reserves buried in Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston and the cemetery records say he died 3 Nov 1864 at age 40 "of wounds eceived from the enemies guns.". This may be him.

Winter, John
Wreden, Benjamin

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