2nd State Troops
Company A
Aug 1863 - Feb 1864
Orangeburg and Lexington Districts

Kinsler, Edward, Captain
Seay, Harley, 1st Lieutenant
Taylor, James H., 1st Lieutenant
Lewie, Harrison, 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Holeman, David, 1st Sergenant
Griffith, Allen, Sergeant
Hook, William, Sergeant
Rish, Andrew, Sergeant
Adams, Williams, Corporal
Boozer, S. W., Corporal
Roof, J., Corporal
Snelgrove, E., Corporal

Anderson, A.
Arehart, H. M.
Baughman, William
Bell, J.
Caughman, J. T.
Corley, J. J.
Corley, S.
Derrick, J.
Derrick, W. T.
Drafts, G. P.
Drafts, S.
Eargle, H.
Fry, D.
Fry, J.
Gable, G.
Gregorie, C.
Harman, S. R.
Hite, J.
Hook, J. V.
Hunt, John
Kaminer, J. E. W.
Keisler, D.
Keisler, Henry
Keisler, Hiram
Kinsler, H. O.
Kleckley, N.
Langford, J. J.
Leaver, J. S.
Lybrand, E. J.
Lybrand, G. P.
McNamee, J. M.
Monts, G.
Oswalt, E.
Price, J.
Rawl, C.
Rawl, T.
Rish, J.
Risinger, T.
Scott, J. W.
See, A.
See, Levi
Sharpe, Emanuel
Shealy, E.
Shealy, H.
Shumpert, J.
Sox, Jacob
Sox, Jesse
Taylor, A.
Wingard, J.
Wingard, T. A.
Younginer, A.
Younginer, A. J.

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