2nd State Troops
Company B
Aug 1863 - Feb 1864
Edgefield District

Huiet ( Streett ), George D., Captain
Jones, Thomas, 1st Lieutenant
Wise ( Wyse ), Joseph, 1st Lieutenant
Carson, Thomas, Bvt. 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Cromley, Ira, 1st ( Orderly ) Sergeant
Burton, N. N., Sergeant
Hart, Henry, Sergeant
Riser, H. H., Sergeant
Foffest, E. B., Ordinance Sergeant
Bery, Joseph, Corporal
Pardue, John, Corporal
Satcher, H. M., Corporal
Street, W. F., Corporal
Wheeler, William, Corporal

Amaker, E. J.
Anderson, H.
Asbel, George
Bean, Lewis
Bell, D. A. J.
Berry, Joseph
Bowland, J. M.
Britt, W.
Bumett, Thomas Jefferson
Burton, N. A.
Busby, W.
Claig ( Clegg ), W. Holloway
Corley, W. S.
Crim, J. L.
Cromer, Andrew
Culbreath, Isham P.
Dean, S. P.
Derick, Jesse
Dorn ( Dom ), J. B.
Dorn, G.
Dyer, Sam J.
Edwards, I.
Eidson, John D.
Feaster, John
Fulmer, H. E.
Gregory, S. B.
Griffith, Henry
Griffith, John
Hardy, H. M.
Hair ( Hare ), H.
Harling, John
Harris, J. C.
Hart, Henry
Head, W.
Hill, Lod
Holloway ( Holaway ), David W.
Holloway ( Holaway ), L. E.
Hom, R.
Johnson, M.
Jones, Henry P.
Jones, Rufus P.
Kelly, W. A.
Kemp, Allen
Lewis, Benjamin
Matthews ( Mathews ), Lieuellen
Mays, H. H.
McCulough, C.
McManus, J. A.
McManus, W.
McNure, J. S.
Miller, John
Mitchell, F.
Oxner, A. J.
Padgett, Lewis
Padgett, W. B.
Padgett, Wade
Padgett, Wilson
Pardue, John
Polatty, J. S.
Powell, A. S.
Powell, William
Rackard, F.
Ridgell, Daniel W.
Riley, Mike
Rinehart, W.
Rodgers, A.
Rodgers, C.
Rodgers, T.
Rotton, D. L.
Rutherford, E,
Salter, L.
Satcher, S.
Schumpart, J. P.
Smith, Jacob
Smith, P. W.
Smith, Whitfield ( Whit )
Smyley ( Smyly ), James C.
Stevens, B. F.
Stevens, William
Story, Jasper
Temples, S.
Waren, Jesse
Waren, W. D.
Watkins, W. J.
Weaver, J.
Whatley, W.
Wheeler, H.
Whittle, A.
Whittle, H., born 15 Oct 1841 and died 23 Mar 1922
Whittle, W. F.
Wright, P. L.
Yarbrough, G.

Organized for six months local service from 1 August 1863, but not ordered into field service until 12 September 1863.

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