2nd State Troops
Company C
Aug 1863 - Feb 1864
Orangeburg District

Dantzler, D. L., Captain
Keller, M. J., 1st Lieutenant
Moorer, S. E., 2nd Lieutenant
Ellis, Henry, Bvt. 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
NonCommissioned Officers
Rickenbacker, E., 1st Sergeant
Bonnet, D. D., Sergeant
Felder, G. B., Sergeant
Hubbell, T. C., Sergeant
Berry, R. E., Corporal
Houser, A. J., Corporal
Rast, G. D., Corporal
Shuler, D. M., Corporal
Shumaker, M. T., Corporal

Antley, P.
Avinger, C. J.
Ayers, William P.
Bair, J. J.
Barton, W. H.
Baxter, J. J.
Binaker, C.
Boneker, C.
Bonnet, H. D.
Brady, William
Brandenburg, M.
Brantley, S. J.
Bull, W. R.
Burke, M. R.
Buzzard, A. D.
Buzzard, J. L.
Buzzard, W.
Cannaday, J. R.
Collier, Thomas
Connor, E.
Cook, Joseph
Dantzler, J. P.
Dantzler, W. W. M.
Damold, James
Davis, J. M.
Davis, James
Dickson, W.
Dukes, A.
Easterling, E.
Fairy, J. D. D.
Fairy, S. M.
Felder, J. A.
Felkel, Absolom Allen, brother of Gabriel, born about 1818, son of John Henry Felkel. Like many of the SC Confederates, his great grandfather fought in the American Revolution.
Felkel, D. M.
Felkel, Gabriel, brother of Absolom AllenGabriel. Gabriel married Louisa Hungerpiller ane they had 2 sons who served in 14th SC Cavalry Battalion. Obadiah was killed in action and Boyd went through the entire four years of the war and wasn't wounded a time.
Flemming, J. H.
Fogle, James
Foffest, J. P. M.
Garick, Lewis
Gaskins, W. H.
Gates, A. G.
Gray, David
Griffith, T. P.
Haitley, R. W.
Hughes, G. E.
Hunkerpillar, J. J.
Hutto, Ph. S.
Jennings, H. H.
Joiner, Ph.
Judy, C. P.
Keller, W. R.
Kerrunerling, J. R.
Kennerly, D. W.
Laird, James
Lancaster, J. A.
Louis, D.
Morrow, O. H.
Myers, F. C.
Myers, John
Myers, L. R. A.
Myers, Thomas
Neuffer, G. A.
Ott, Jacob
Ott, William
Rast, M. J.
Rutland, E.
Salley, D. D.
Sandal, I. I.
Sandal, William
Shuler, A. D.
Shuler, A. R. W.
Shuler, H. W.
Shuler, J. L.
Smoake, L. W.
Spigener, John
Stabler, Jacob
Stevenson, M.
Summers, William
Thompson, W. R.
Vames, J.
Vice, James
Whaley, T. B.
Whisenhunt, L.
Wilds, James
Williams, P. A.
Williams, R. A.
Wolling, J. M.
Zimmerman, R. H.

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