2nd State Troops
Company D
Aug 1863 - Feb 1864

Colleton District

Buckner, James H., Captain
Sinclair, P. D., 1st Sergenant
Youmans, Thomas, 1st Lieutenant
Mallon, J. H., 2nd Lieutenant
Nix, J., Bvt. 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Mixon, J. R., Sergeant
Mixon, John A., Sergeant
Mulligan, Patrick, Sergeant
Cleland, Hans'd., Corporal
Cook, William, Corporal
Creech, Hampton, Corporal
Tindal, N., Corporal

Allen, T. G.
Altman, William
Bames, Thomas
Bowers, R. C.
Brabham, H.
Capers, F.
Cope, George
Craddock, J. N.
Dean, Gideon
Deloach, G.
Deloach, J. C.
Dopson, Allen
Dowling, J. J.
Dowling, J. T.
Dowling, W. M.
Gatch, Henry
Gatch, Lewis
Gellison, W. D.
Gooding, John
Goodwin, Thomas
Hall, E. G.
Harrod, J. S.
Hazel, William
Horton, Solomon
Hucks, John
lhly, Samuel R.
Johnson, H. D.
Keebler, William
Lawton, W. J.
Lipsey, William
Loadholt, William L.
Maner, J. W.
Maner, W. F.
Marion, Samuel
Mason, A. T.
Mathews, Jacob
Mathews, W. E.
McKenzie, L.
Nix, J. E.
O'Neal, G. S.
Peeples, Pierson
Perry, Edward
Roberts, John H.
Sanders, J. D.
Sauls, Gideon
Sauls, Osbourn
Sauls, Robert
Sellars, B. T.
Shuman, J. A.
Shuman, J. J. B.
Smart, U.
Smith, Nathan
Strickland, A. M.
Thomas, B.
Turner, R. R.
Wall, H. G.
Williams, R. W.
Woods, Dennis
Zahler, Francis

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Many of these same men served together in the final call up, 8th Battalion of State Troops, Senior Reserves, Company B, June 1864 thru Apr 1965

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