2nd State Troops
Company E
Aug 1863 - Feb 1864
Barnwell & Beaufort Districts

Brabham, John M., Captain
Hogg, Thomas F., 1st Lieutenant
Hiers, W. H., 2nd Lieutenant
Carter, Philip, Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Free, J. E., 1st Sergeant
Elzey, William W., Sergeant
Kearse, William M., Sergeant
Stewart, H. D., Sergeant
Creech, John, Corporal
Dyches, Ors, Corporal
Huffman, C. G., Corporal
Smoke, A. W., Corporal

Adams, N. B.
Aldrich, John
All, Daniel
Atkinson, S. H.
Ayer, F. C.
Bailey, W. C.
Bames, Gideon
Basset, R. W.
Besinger, John
Besinger, William
Bishop, G. W.
Bloom, George
Bloom, J. H.
Boyles, C. S.
Bradley, Robert
Brant, G. W.
Brant, J. F.
Brooker, J. J.
Brown, E. W.
Brown, Vinson
Browning, Willis
Carter, James
Carter, Joseph
Chassereau, A.
Chassereau, John
Clayton, A.
Clayton, Joseph J.
Cooper, C. C.
Copeland, George
Creech, Henry
Croft, Vinson
Delk, H. K.
Dyches, Isaac A.
Dyches, W. H.
Easterlin, W. T.
Guess, W. J.
Gunnels, Elisha
Hadwin, H.
Hanberry, H. R.
Harter, Aldred
Harter, Joel
Hartzog, G. H.
Hartzog, George
Hartzog, H. B.
Harvey, J. M.
Harvey, L. B.
Hughes, J. S.
Hutto, H. D.
Hutto, Nicholas
Hutto, W. W.
Johnson, E. B.
Jones, W. H.
Kinard, Allen
Kirkland, R. M.
Kittrell, Daniel
Lain, A. J.
Lain, Elijah
Martin, Stephen
McFail, A.
McMillan, Joel
Middleton, Willis
Minnus, J. A.
Morris, G. M.
Morris, Hansford
Morris, J. S.
Newell, Josiah
Nix, W. W.
Owens, W. H.
Pressey, Samuel
Pressey, W. W.
Reeves, C. B.
Rentz, J. C.
Rice, H. B.
Rice, H. W.
Rice, J. J.
Ritter, J. W.
Sanders, J. R.
Sanders, W. B-
Sandifer, J. J.
Sellars, Henry
Smoke, J. M.
Snelling, William
Steedley, Moses
Still, Tobias
Tobin, J. E.
Ulmer, W. T.
Watson, Arthur
Watson, B. R.
Williams, A. C.
Williams, W. B.
Zom, H. G.
Zom, John

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Many of these same men served together in the final call up, 8th Battalion of State Troops, Senior Reserves, Company C, June 1864 thru Apr 1965

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