2nd State Troops
Company G
Aug 1863 - Feb 1864
Orangeburg and Lexington Districts

Tyler, Thomas Bennet, Captain

Howell, Josiah, 1st Lieutenant

Wimberly, Edward, 1st Lieutenant

Jones, James M., 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
King, Jefferson D., 1st Sergeant

Knight, John A., Sergeant

Corbitt, Willis, Sergeant

Fanning, W. D., Sergeant

Gissendanner, John D., Sergeant

Sawyer, George R., Sergeant

Able, Pierce, Corporal

Cooper, J. E., Corporal

Fallaw ( Falaw ), W. B., Corporal

Gunter, Vinyard, Corporal, born about 1921 and was a farmer after The War in Hopewell, Aiken County

Jenkins, B. M., Corporal

Sawyer, John V., Corporal

Williamson, Crawford E., Corporal

Anderson, Michael

Arthur, John H.

Asbel, Eldridge

Austin, V. V. S.

Baltziger, Andrew

Baxter, John

Blackwell, John

Boatwright Sr., George W.

Boatwright, Thomas

Bolin, William D.

Brodie, Robert

Brown, Joseph

Bull, Thomas

Busby, Jacob

Cheney, John J.

Clark, A. J.

Cockerell, Elijah

Cofer, James M.

Cooper, Daniel

Cooper, G. R.

Cooper, Howell

Courtney, James

Crim, James E.

Crim, Samuel

Culler, James T.

Day, James

Dykes, George W.

Fallaw ( Falaw ), H. P.

Fallaw, Tillman B.

Fox, Calvin

Gaffney, William

Gardner, John

Garvin, Henry

Goodwin, Louis

Goodwin, Thomas

Goodwyn, W. M.

Gunter, Mastin and was a farmer after The War in Chinquapin, Aiken County

Gunter, Monroe

Gunter, Wilson, born 3 May 1813. He married Theressa Able Gunter who was born 22 March 1822 and died 5 April 1897. After The War, he was a farmer in Giddy Swamp, Aiken County. He died 4 October 1894 and both are buried in old family cemerary between Seivern and New Holland, SC

Hall, William

Hartley, Levi

Hartley, Lodrick

Hetherington, Samuel J.

Hoover, Henry L.

Horsey, John

Hutto, James E.

Inabinet, Absalom

Inabinet, Andrew

Inabinet, Samuel

Jackson, Clement

Jackson, Thomas J.

Jeffcoat, Jacob

Jones, Fair

Jones, W. B.

Kaidle, Madison

Kneece, Ezekiel

Kneece, John

Laird, Jacob

Livingston, Sampson

Miller, David

Nettles, J. U. J.

O'Cain, J. M.

Oliver, S. G.

Ott, Henry V.

Philips, William T.

Porter, Francis M.

Pound, Daniel

Quattlebaum, Thomas

Quin, Denis L.

Redman, Jacob

Reid, Benjamin P.

Reid, S. H.

Rutland, Cephus

Sawyer, Jacob

Senn, Jacob

Sharp, James

Sharpe, Emanuel

Slagle, Malachi

Smith, James

Spires, J. Nelson

Staley, James G.

Sturkey, Andrew

Sturkey, Gabriel

Summers, Gabriel R.

Watkins, Caleb

Whitaker, James

Williams, E. M.

Williams, Malachi

Yon, James E.

Yon, John C.

Zachael, A. W,

Zekiel, Allen

Organized for six months local service from 1 August 1863, but not ordered into field service until 12 September 1863.

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