2nd State Troops
Company H
Aug 1863 - Feb 1864
Colleton District

Black, Robert, Captain
Marsh, C. J. D., 1st Lieutenant
Sineath, L. J., 1st Lieutenant
Goodwin, Isham, 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
White, James, 1st Sergeant
Herndon, John, Sergeant
Hiers, Robert, Sergeant
Jennings, J. J., Sergeant
King, W. B., Sergeant
Bailey, William, Corporal
Givens, Henry, Corporal
Griffm, Lazarus, Corporal
O' Qinn, Hardy, Corporal was born in Colleton County, South Carolina, 19 March 1816 and died there 10 August 1910. He is buried in the "Rentz Cemetery" in Islandton, South Carolina.
Patrick, G. W., Corporal

Bames, O. M.
Bennet, W. C.
Benton, Arch
Benton, J. 0.
Benton, Thomas
Bivens, John
Boyd, William
Braker, J. L.
Branch, J. E.
Bridge, Andrew
Bryan, J. M.
Bunch, William
Caden, Lewis
Carter, J. S.
Carter, Seaborn
Carter, William
Chapman, R. W.
Cone, Miles
Cordry, Thomas
Craven, James
Crosbey, Henry
Crosby, Benjamin
Crosby, H. A.
Crosby, Moses
De How, T.
Doar, W. A.
Drawdy, D. E.
Drawdy, Daniel
Drawdy, Lewis
Dubois, J. Q. A.
Fisk, Seaborn
Furgerson, D. B.
Garris, William
Gaskins, W. H.
Gelzer, John
Givens, Allen
Godfrey, William
Griffin, Daniel
Hamilton, Paul
Harrison, S. J.
Hayward, N.
Hendman, ?
Herndon, J. E.
Hickman, E. P.
Hickman, G. H.
Hiott, John
Hiott, O.
Hubbard, H.
Hudson, B. P.
Hudson, Gilbert
Hudson, William
Hutson, Daniel
Hutson, Edward
Johnston, David
Johnston, J. G.
Johnston, J. L.
Jones, Andrew
Kiddle, Benjamin
Kinsey, Elsey
Kinsey, Henry
Klien, J. J.
Larisy, Henry
Leroach, E.
Lowdnes, W. H.
Loyless, William
Lynes, Isaac
Mackinfuss, David
Managault, H.
Martin, P.
McElany, J. T.
McElroy, J. W.
McMillan, Stephen
McMillan, W. O.
Means, E. B.
Messevey, P. J.
Mills, James
Morris, Emanuel
Morris, James
Newton, William
Nichols, J.
Peeples, T. M.
Perry, James
Polk, John
Polk, W. O.
Powers, N.
Preacher, John
Priester, Owen
Ramsey, Henry
Reniley, John
Rhet, H. S.
Rivers, B.
Rivers, R.
Robertson, W. J.
Ryans, John
Sanders, T. C.
Sauls, Benjamin
Sauls, Charles
Seabrook, William
Smith, John
Smith, William
Stanfield, J. R.
Templeton, S. P.
Thompson, S. J.
Tumbleston, H.
Ulmer, Peter
Vamadore, H. C.
Vaughan, Thomas
Walker, Daniel
Warren, William
Wells, Jesse
Williams, C. P.
Williams, O. P.
Wilson, James
Wilson, Richard

Organized for six months local service from 1 August 1863, but not ordered into field service until 12 September 1863.

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