2nd State Troops
Company K
Aug 1863 - Feb 1864
Barnwell & Beaufort Districts

Wise, S. S., Captain
Cave, W. L., 1st Lieutenant
Harley, J. M., Bvt. 2nd Lieutenant
Barnwell, T. O., Adjutant

NonCommissioned Officers
Anderson, W. L., Sergeant
Attaway, H. B., Sergeant
Hair, J. W., Sergeant
Anderson, H. D., Corporal
Bates, W. P., Corporal
Bush, A. M., Corporal
Bush, George M., Corporal
Cochran, B. G., Corporal
McCreary, Robert, Corporal

Aaron, Fletcher
Aldrich, J. T.
Arthur, Edward
Arthur, R. R.
Baldwin, B. P.
Barton, William Frank, was born 13 Oct 1848 in Orangeburg/ Enlisted at Barnwell District 1 Aug 1863. He married a Laura McMichael. He died June 1909. He is buried in Cameron, SC

Beck, M. R.
Bell, Daniel
Benson, Alexander
Blanton, W. T.
Blikhington, Hansford
Bonnel, John
Bonnet, David
Boyd, James W.
Brown, Larkin
Brunson, G.
Buckhalter, Allen
Buckhalter, J. D.
Bush, H. D.
Bush, L. S.
Cain, Darling
Caradeux, A. D.
Cave, Barney
Cave, H. B.
Cleckley, Jackson
Cochran, A. M.
Cook, Isaac
Corley, Josiah
Corley, Sampson
Coward, M. M.
Cruse, J.
Davis, J. L.
Dicks, W. G.
Dunbar, Andrew
Eubanks, Walter
Evans, A. J.
Evans, H. D.
Foreman, Jacob
Furze, George
Gardner, C. E.
Giles, James H.
Grandy, Charles G.
Groves, Solomon
Hair, Darling
Hair, Job
Harley, J. T.
Jackson, Arthur
Jenkins, D. F.
Jones, George
Jordan, H. H.
Keadle, W. W.
Kelly, James
Key, Anderson
Lambert, J. E.
Lee, Solomon
Low, William
Marginhoof, John
McDaniel, Jefferson
McDaniel, John

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Many of these same men served together in the final call up, 8th Battalion of State Troops, Senior Reserves, Company C, June 1864 thru Apr 1965. Company was formed from men of the 11 Regiment SC militia.

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