3rd South Carolina State Troops
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863

Commanding Officers
Colonel Charles James Elford. He was the first colonel of the 16th Regiment, S.C.Volunteers and was not reelected at the reorganization in 1862. Also a baptist minister from Greenville County, he resigned his commission to serve as Mayor of Greenville.

Staff Officers
Crittenden, Stephen Stephen, Lieutenant Colonel
Grice, Daniel, Major
Gaines, T. R., Chaplain
Goldsmith, William, QuarterMaster
Pettigrew, William, Surgeon
Elford, G. E., Adjutant

Staff NonCommission Officers
Goodlett, J. H., Ordinance Adjutant
Dickson, William, Hospital Steward
Duncan, A. S., QuarterMaster Adjutant
Long, R. D., Assistant Surgeon

Clark, D. H.
Clark, Jesse
Cone, Frank
Gandy, S. B.
Hall, P.
Logan, Dick, Colored Music.
Maysant, William, Colored Music.
Milner, M. C.
Rhodes, J. Q. S.
Smith, Henry M., Comsy.
Stenchland, A.
Taylor, John, Colored Music.
Tobias, James
Traylor, W.
Wallace, Joseph, Colored Music.

Company A - Captain John Charles - Greenville District

Company B - Captain Thomas B. Roberts - District

Company C - Captain W. R. Berry - District

Company D - Captain Davis W. Hodges - District

Company E - Captain William B. Green - Greenville District

Company F - Captain W. H. Goodlett - District

Company G - Captain Joel Farmer - District

Company H - Captain William M. Jones - District

Company I - Captain W. E. Welborn - District

Company K - Captain Henry C. Briggs - District

Many of these same men served together in The Sixteenth South Carolina, C.S.A., surrendering at Durham Station, 26 April 1865. The link will take you to a great site on this fine unit.

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