3rd South Carolina State Troops
Company C
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863
Anderson and Greenville District

Berry, W. R., Captain

Fowler, Moses Thomas, 1st Lieutenant. He later served as Captain, 1st State Troops Company G Aug 1863 until Feb 1864.

Thomison, G. B., 2nd Lieutenant

Peden, J. M., 3rd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Traynham, T. W., 1st Sergeant

Evans, W. H., Sergeant

Hopkins, Thomas, Sergeant

Smith, A. H., Sergeant

Wilson, Jasper, Sergeant

Boyce, T. L., Corporal

Davenport, W. A., Corporal

Hopkins, J. H., Corporal

Johnson, W. H., Corporal

King, G. W., Corporal

Woodside, J. L., Corporal


Andrews, T. T.

Ashmore, J. S.

Autery, William

Babb, Jonathan

Bagwell, Fedrick

Bryson, M. N.

Chaptman, Hewlett

Chaptinan, T. J.

Cooley, J. J.

Cooley, J. M.

Cooley, John

Cothran, J. C.

Darby, W. B.

Davenport, Irvin

Davenport, Obadiah

Ford, John

Gary, Jonathan

Gibbert, William

Gray, W. E.

Holiday, J. E.

Holiday, Tully

James, Edward

Johnson, W. J.

Jordan, B. E.

Kellett, D. W.

Kellette, J. A.

Lattie, William

Lewis, J. J.

Long, J. E.

McDaniel, Charles

McDowell, James

Meeks, L. B.

Mosely, Harmon

Neighbors, George

Page, Benjamin Franklin, born 25 Mar 1813 in Spartanburg County (Woodruff), died 22 Nov 1895 in Greenville County and is buried in a private cemetery near Ware Place.

Peden, D. M.

Pinson, M. A.

Reece, James

Rice, L. C.

Simms, Martin

Simms, William

Smith, Ezeikel

Smith, W. P.

Sprouse, H. H.

Stone, J. K.

Stone, James

Stone, Owen

Sullivan, D. C.

Sullivan, William R., born about 1822, son of John and Sarah Sullivan. Wife's name was Mary

Tate, Larkin Cannon

Thomison, George

Tolison, Edward

Vaughn, Kendrick

Wilson, Hugh

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Many of these same men served together in The Sixteenth South Carolina, C.S.A. Company E, surrendering at Durham Station, 26 April 1865. The link will take you to a great site on this fine unit.

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