3rd South Carolina State Troops
Company E
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863
Greenville District

Green, William B., Captain

Beacham, William A., 1st Lieutenant

Blakely, James T. ( F.), 2nd Lieutenant

Ross, Wiley W., 3rd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
McClemons, Hugh P., 1st Sergeant

Batson, Abner, Sergeant

Davis, Alfred, Sergeant

Martin, G. W., Sergeant

Snyder, Joseph, Sergeant

Green, Hembre, Corporal

Hawkins, Wells, Corporal

Hudson, P. W., Corporal

Rector, N. G., Corporal

Thompson, W. B., Corporal

Walker, Abner, Corporal

Ballenger, Elijah

Batson, L. H.

Bridwell, James

Bumett, B. L.

Cothran, Daniel

Cox, B. M.

Cunningham, George

Farmer, James

Flynn, W. W.

Green, Ervin

Hall, Ephraim

Hudson, John D., father of Zadoc Pascol

Hudson, Zadoc Pascol

Jenkins, Alex

Jenkins, Pleasant

Jones, Martin H.

King, Andrew

Langley, John

Mason, Harvey

Mayfield, L. W.

Mayfield, Pleasant, born 16 Jan 1819 in Greenville, SC, died 22 Nov 1907 in Simpsonville, and buried at Clear Springs Baptist Church

McCarter, Thomas A.

Meadows, Chandler

Meadows, Walker

Moon, R. E.

Peace, Alexander

Philips, O. P.

Pike, William

Powel, Thomas S.

Raines, Henry

Rayney, Samuel

Southern, Miles

Stairley, B. F.

Tipens, Pleasant

Turpin, T. J.

Vaughn, Richard

Waddel, J. C.

Ward, Joseph

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Many of these same men served together in The Sixteenth South Carolina, C.S.A. Company F, surrendering with in Durham Station, 26 April 1865. The link will take you to a great site on this fine unit.

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