3rd South Carolina State Troops
Company H
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863

Jones, William M., Captain
Jones, B. C., 1st Lieutenant
Blasengame, W. G., 2nd Lieutenant
Shelton, Augustus, 3rd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Smith, O. F., 1st Sergeant
Chapman, Samuel, Sergeant
Dacus, T. A. L., Sergeant
Hollingsworth, Daniel, Sergeant
Osheal, Seabom, Sergeant
Bramlett, W. B., Corporal
Childers, Thomas D., Corporal
Dacus, William, Corporal
Gant, Rutherford, Corporal
Williams, Thomas, Corporal
Wright, G. W., Corporal

Anderson, Elias
Barker, William H.
Boid, John H.
Bouren, Matteson
Bowen, Ruse
Childers, O. W.
Clardy, J. B.
Clark, James R.
Clark, Moses
Corbin, James
Durham, A. J.
Furgerson, James T.
Gillstrap, Hardy
Glenn, W. F.
Hester, John B.
Hill, Lewis
Holder, William
Hood, Enoch. He was born in 1824 SC and married: Hulda Looper and Henrietta Pritchett. He enlisted on 1 Nov 1862 in Adams Run, SC. Prior to reporting, he enlisted in Company K, 6th SC Cavalry until he transferred to 20th SC Infantray on 22 March 1864. He died serving his country, killed in action on 20 June 1864 at Petersburg, Va. and is buried in a Mass grave on the Petersburg battlefield, Va.   Contact:

Howard, Lemuel A.
Howard, Nathaniel
Hughes, A. A.
Jewlin, G. W.
Jones, T. W.
Jones, V. S.
Jones, Willson C.
Kennemore, C. C.
Kennemore, M. S.
Looper, Daniel
Looper, Jeremiah
Looper, Solomon
Magill, Ansell
Massengill, Ephraim
McJunken, Joberry. No record of his service and he may have not reported. Contact:

McJunken, John
Morgan, J. C.
Ponder, J. M.
Roper, David
Roper, Marcus
Saterfield, Caswell
Saterfield, Daniel
Simmons, A. R.
Simmons, Lewis
Smith, Joel R.
Smith, Robert M.
Sutherland, J. B.
Trainum, Jeremiah
Trotter, Robert
Turner, Lemuel
Vandever, W. B.
Williams, John I.

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