Third (3rd) Regiment
South Carolina State Troops
Aug 1863 - Feb 1864

commanding Officers
Carew, John E., colonel

Staff Officers
Rouse, R. A. ( R. E. ), Lieutenat colonel

Anderson, J. J., Major, enlisted as a private in company A, Williamsburg District

Forster, Charles, Regimental Quartermaster

Snow ,J. J., Chaplain, enlisted as a sergeant in company A, Williamsburg District

Norman, J. H., Surgeon

coates, W. S., Ordnance Sergeant

Mercier, N., Assistant Surgeon

Price, James, commissary Sergeant

Toomer, E. P., Quartermaster Sergeant

company A - Captain William H. Johnson - Williamsburg District

company B - Captain James Du Pre - Marion court House, Marion District

company C - Captain Thomas L. James - Marion court House, Marion District

company D - Captain A. H. Johnson - Horry District

company E - Captain ? Cunningham - District

company F - Captain ? Riker - District

company G - Captain ? Martin - District

company H - Captain ? Pelot - District

company I - Captain James D. Caskey - Lancaster District

company K - Captain ? Cunningham - District

company bit known - Captain ? - District

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