3rd State Troops
Company C
Aug 1863 - Feb 1864
Marion Court House, Marion District

James, Thomas L., Captain, enlisted as a 2nd Lieutenant
Bailey, Gadi, 1st Lieutenant, enlisted as a Brevet 2nd Lieutenant
Rouel, D. J., 1st Lieutenant
Cain, R. M., 2nd Lieutenant, enlisted as a Sergeant
Gordon ( Gorden ), A. B., 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Gregg, E. A., Sergeant Major, enlisted as a 1st Sergeant
Cain, W. E., Sergeant, enlisted as a Corporal
Collins, Charles G., Sergeant, enlisted on 1 August 1863 at Marion Court House and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant on 1 November 1863. He is buried in Jolly-Howard Cemetery, Mars Bluff, SC 3rd Great Grandson, John A. Kennedy
Evans, Thomas, Sergeant
Lamb, W. D., Sergeant
McWhite, A., Sergeant
Poston, J. R., Sergeant, enlisted as a Corporal
Ray, John, Corporal
Stone, S. C., Corporal
Turbeville ( Turbeville ), John, Corporal
Wise, W. D., Corporal

Adkinson, William
Alford, J. C.
Alford, W. N.
Ammons, John
Atkinson, W.
Avant, Thomas
Bailey, Jonas
Bartell, Jasper
Bellflowers ( Belflouers ), William
Brown, D. R. G.
Brown, David
Brown, Isaiah
Brown, T. F.
Brown, W. F.
Bruton, J. B.
Burris, R. L.
Cannon, S. W.
Clark, Evin
Collier, T. H.
Collins, C. G.
Collins, Shadrach
Creel ( Creal ), Marion W.
Elmore, Nathan
Finkley ( Finklea ), J. W.
Flowers, J. W.
Gasque, W. B.
Gregg, E. E.
Harral ( Harrell ), Offa F.
Hatchell, J. P.
Hooks, P.
Hudson, John
Huggins, W. J.
Hutchinson ( Hutcheson ), Rix
Hyman, L.
Jorden ( Jordon ), J. D.
Jorden ( Jordon ), J. G.
Jorden ( Jordon ), J. J.
Lamb, W. D.
Leggett, A. S.
Louremore, Moses
Madison, John
Marlow, Andrew
Martin, Joseph
Melton, Horatio
Menheim, Henry
Mensesheimer ( Mensishyman ), D.
Moody, W. H.
Odom ( Odum ), J. R.
Parker, Allen
Parker, John
Parker, Stephen
Phillips, N.
Poston, Thomas W.
Powel, James
Prosser, James
Ray, John
Rogers ( Rodgers ), James
Smith, J. B.
Smith, Jackson
Smith, Nathan
Stone, Dotson
Stone, S. C.
Summerford, John
Taylor, James
Thompson, J. C.
Turbeville ( Turbeville ), Samuel
Turner, Robert
Wagner, A. C.
Waller, Henry
Whitcover, Samuel
Williams, Joseph
Williams, Richard
Witcover, Samuel

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