3rd State Troops
Company E
Aug 1863 - Feb 1864


Cunningham, ?, Captain
Howard, S. L., Adjutant
Wardlaw, W. A., Adjutant

NonCommissioned Officers
Bacot, R. Wainwright, Sergeant
Coates, W. S., Ordinance Sergeant
Grady, ?, Sergeant
Price, James, Comsy. Sergeant
Forster, Charles, Regimental QuarterMaster
Toomer, E. P., QuarterMaster Sergeant
Mercier, N., Assistant Surgeon

Calder, Alex
Guerin, Leon
Mantone, Eugene
McOwen, S. L.
Meyer, Charles
Rakestraw, H. C.
Shackelford, R. W.
Steadman, W. B.
Stoney, S. D.
White, Edward

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This company roster is best guess. I saw all sorts of pointers that the Company existed and these are men in the 3rd I can't otherwise place.

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