4th South Carolina Reserves
Company B
Aug 1863 - Feb 1864
Lancaster District

Sowell, John Nelson, Captain, born 28 Dec 1822, died 11 Jan 1906, and is buried in Douglas Presbyterian Church, Lancaster, Lancaster County

Moore, W. A., 1st Lieutenant, born about 1822

Caudien, L. M., 2nd Lieutenant

Small, James, 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Funderburk, George M., 1st Sergeant, born about 1819

Belk, Calvin, Sergeant born about 1822

Cauthen, John Milton, Sergeant, born 17 Jan 1817, died 7 Aug 1902, buried Salem Cemetery, Heath Springs, Lancaster County. He fought in the Mexican American War, seeing service at Montery, Victoria, and Jalapa.

Henson, Charles ( Charley ) F., Sergeant

Hunter, Isaac W., Sergeant, born about 1819

Adams, Bynum, Corporal, born about 1818

Cousart, R. H., Corporal

Delaney, James, Corporal, born about 1820

Knight, Andrew J., Corporal, born about 1821

Adams, Aaron, born about 1825

Adams, Joseph, born about 1823

Adams, William H., born about 1817

Bailey, John

Bailey, Reuben, born 31 Jul 1814

Baker, A.

Baker, John

Baker, Lewis

Ballard, J. F.

Barton, J. L.

Beckham, B. S., born about 1825

Black, William, born about 1823 in North Carolina

Blackmon, A. B., born about 1820 in Tennessee

Blackmon, Chapman

Blackmon, S. M.

Blackmon, W. J.

Bowers, Anderson, born about 1814

Brown, D. W.

Brown, G. H.

Carnes ( Cames ), John

Caskey, D. S.

Caston, S.amuel Jackson, born about 1817

Clanton, W. R., born about 1813

Cook, W. J.

Cousart, J. B.

Crenshaw, John Smith, born about 1820

Crimminger ( Crimenger ), Robert, born about 1821

Crowell, Doctor F., born about 1820 in North Carolina

Cunningham, J. A., born about 1818

Deas, John

Dunlap, S. J., born about 1815

Dunlap, W. R., born about 1822

Eastridge ( Estridge ), W. W., born about 1815

Faile, John

Faulkenbury, Perry

Flynn, John, born about 1823

Gamble, S. J., born about 1828

Gardner, R. I.

Gibbens, J. D.

Gregory, Willis, born about 1824

Haile, James

Harris, Jackson, born about 1819

Henson, William

Hilton, James P.

Hilton ( Helton ), Moses, born about 1819

Hopkins, Thomas

Hunter, J. R., born about 1822

Jent, J. W.

Johnson, Herod

Key ( Kee ), Hyram, born about 1818

Kirkpatrick, David, born about 1816 in Ireland

Knight, Irvin, born about 1815

Lyles, James, born about 1812

Lynn, Elias, born about 1824

Lynn, H. W.

Marshall, William A., born about 1846

Massey, Alvin, born about 1817

McCorkle, James, born about 1816

McMurry, John C., born about 1818

Moseley, R.

Mungo, George F., born about 1840

Mungo, Henry, born about 1815

Neill, Mathew, born about 1815

Nelson, John N., born about 1817

Nelson, William B., born about 1815

Nesbet, Alexander Franklin, , born 5 Dec 1821

Pardue, H. B.

Philips, Burrel, born about 1823

Potts, R. C., born about 1815

Roane, J. S., born about 1830

Roberts, James, born about 1816

Robinson, Philamon

Secrest, John C., born about 1826

Simmons, Cloyd, born about 1825

Steele, Alex, born about 1825

Sullivan, James, born about 1815

Taylor, John, born about 1818

Terry, J. R.

Truesdale, J. R.

Vaughn, W. J., born about 1818

Vincent, Samuel J., born about 1821

Walker, Griffin, born about 1823

Watts, Clinton, born about 1827

Welsh ( Welch ), J. R., born about 1814

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Many of these same men served together in the final call up, 5th Battalion of State Troops, Senior Reserves, Company E, June 1864 thru Apr 1965

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