4th South Carolina Reserves
Company C
Aug 1863 - Feb 1864
Kershaw District

Haile, Columbus Cureton, Captain
Ancrum, Thomas J., 1st Lieutenant
Thompson, John, 2nd Lieutenant
Cauthen, Thomas Jefferson, Bvt. 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Drakeford, R. C., 1st Sergeant
Bruce, Joseph G., Sergeant
Man, Robert, Sergeant
McCoy, B. T., Sergeant
Mickle, Robert, Sergeant
Owens, A., Sergeant
Brown, J. H., Corporal
Cato, William, Corporal
Deas, E., Color Corporal
Falkenbury, A. J., Corporal
Hough, Joel, Corporal
Mickle, Thomas, Corporal

Atkinson, E.
Baker, Daniel
Barfield, D.
Bass, William
Berry, J. A. W.
Billings, William M.
Boswell, L. M.
Bowers, J. T.
Bradley, B.
Brannon, Robert
Brannon, Warren W.
Brannon, Wiley
Brannon, William
Burkett, Thomas
Cater, H.
Christmas, William
Cunningham, R. B.
Cunningham, W. C.
Davis, A.
Dawson, Thomas
Denton, W. C.
Desaussure, C. A.
Dowie, R. J.
English, Thomas
English, William
Ford, J. W.
Gamewell, J. N.
Gillis, N.
Goff, William
Grayham, John
Hall, W. J.
Heffell, E.
Hinson, Reuben
Hocott, Richard
Holland, James
Holland, Thomas
Holley, John
Johnson, William
Johnson, William E.
Jones, Calvin
Kennington, Levi
King, J. E.
McCaskill, D.
McCreight, R. J.
McCreight, William
McLendon, Dennis
McLeod, Angus
McLester, A.
Nelson, F.
Nelson, R.
Newman, W. W.
Norris, George
Norris, H.
Oaks, Francis J.
Outlaw, George
Outlaw, Wiley
Page, Jonathan
Peak, Thomas
Pettigrew, George
Phillips, Lewis
Price, William
Raiban, A.
Roach, J. J.
Robertson, William K.
Rose, Calvin
Ross, J.
Ross, William
Rush, John
Sessions, Thomas
Shannon, S. A. B.
Shirah, Isaac
Simmons, Joseph
Spradley, John
Steen, Wilson
Stokes, John J.
Thompson, J. S.
Thom, Henry
Umphris, Nathan
Umphris, Nathaniel
Wadkins, Thomas
Wadkins, Wiley
Warren, H. F.
Watson, Joseph
Watson, M.
West, H. C.
Wilson, Joseph
Wilson, W. T.
Wood, M. D.
Young, John

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Many of these same men served together in the final call up, 5th Battalion of State Troops, Senior Reserves, Company D, June 1864 thru Apr 1965

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