5th South Carolina Reserves
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863

Commanding Officers
Bacon, Thomas G., Colonel

Staff Officers
Griffin, James Benjamin, Lieutenant Colonel
Noble, Edward E., Major
Adams, J. J., Captain and Adjutant
Lowry, James A., Chaplain
West, William T., Surgeon
Posey, F. H.

Company A - Captain Benjamin Zachary Herndon - Abbeville District

Company B - Captain William A. Lomax - Chester District

Company C - Captain John B. Holmes - Edgefield District

Company D - Captain Tolivar Heam - District

Company E - Captain Francis W. Burt - District

Company F - Captain John F. Talbert - District

Company G - Captain James M. White - District

Company H - Captain W. K. Bradley - Abbeville District

Company I - Captain John W. Hearst - Abbeville District

Company K - Captain Benjamin W. Bettis - Edgefield District

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One of the best sources for information on Confederate Units officers and Service is
Compendium of The Confederate Armies
South Carolina and Georgia
Compiled by:
Stewart Sifakis
Published in 1995
In it he states that the 5th Infantry Regiment, Reserves, raised in Jun 1862 for 90 days, was accepted into CSA service in 5 Nov 1862 and was included in the surrender at Durham Station, North Carolina on 26 April 1865. This would make it unique, in that all other State Units were of shorter duration, and the only State Reserve/Troops Units that were mustered into CSA service were the 8 battalions raised in June 1864.
A review of the companies of 1st State Troops, raised in Aug 1863 and who served until Feb 1864 will lead to the conclusion that many of the men in the 5th of 1862 also served in the 1st State Troops of 1863.
It is my opnion, that the 5th was mustered out with the other regiments raised in 1862 in 1863. Facts to support his contention are welcome.

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