5th South Carolina Reserves
Company A
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863
Abbeville District

Herndon, Benjamin Zachary, Captain, born 15 Jun 1822, died 21 Apr 1886, and is buried Tabernacle Cemetery, near Cokesbury, Greenwood County. Later service as regimental commanded of 1st Regiment of State Troops, Junior Reserves

Hart, B. C., 1st Lieutenant
Graydon, S. E., 2nd Lieutenant
Gambrell, J. C., 3rd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Tribble, S. M., 1st Sergeant
Bigby, J. W., Sergeant
Blackmon, W. H., Sergeant
Donnald, John, Sergeant
Franklin, W. W., Sergeant
Mays, John M., Sergeant
McDill, W. W., Corporal
Mundy, W. N., Corporal
Robertson, W. H., Corporal
Seawright, John N., Corporal, inducted as Private

Agnew, Andrew
Agnew, William
Algary, Henry R.
Anderson, Robert
Anderson, Walter
Arnold, W. J.
Bagwell, Kelcy
Branyon, A. W.
Brewer, L.
Caldwell, William E.
Callaham, Samuel J.
Chandler, J.
Clark, J. L.
Cobb, Anderson
Cobb, C. A.
Cobb, J. W.
Cunningham, Robert N.
Davis, James
Davis, N. C. ( N. G. )
Davis, T. G.
Donnald, William
Dove, Yancey
Dunn, John
Geotjen, D.
Graham, A. M.
Graham, Samuel
Haddon, Zachariah
Harvey, Charles K.
Hilton, W. R.
Hodges, W. Lud
Hughes, A. E.
Jackson, Joshua
Jones, James P.
Lawson, W. W.
Marksbury, William
Mattison, U. J.
McDill, James
McEwen, J. T.
Moore, Thomas
Moseley, B. F.
Moseley, James
Moseley, W. C.
Mundy, J. C.
Nixon, P. H.
Prewit, S. E.
Richey, Andrew
Robinson, William
Rothrock, John
Seawright, William
Sims, Laurens
Sims, Newton
Smith, Chris
Stacy, Thomas
Stott, Henry
Taylor, James
Vandiver, James M.
Wallace, George
Wilson, John R.

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