5th South Carolina Reserves
Company E
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863

Nixon, Jefferson P.

Burt, Francis W., 1st Lieutenant

Moss, John H., 2nd Lieutenant

Tillman, George D., Bvt. Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Foy, Eldred N., 1st Sergeant

Porter, John C., 1st Sergeant, enlisted as Sergeant

Hill, James L., Sergeant

Morris, Joseph, Sergeant

Reynolds, Francis M., Sergeant

Hammond, Robert G., Corporal

Murrah, Moses R., Corporal

Landrum, William M., Corporal

Rochelle, John W., Corporal

Addison, James M.

Bean, James

Boyd, Tandy

Bums, John F.

Burt, Armstead H.

Bussey, George W.

Calhoun, P. L.

Cartledge, Malcom

Corley, Noah

Crawford, George

Dagnel, Samuel

Eubanks, Henry

Gardner, M. G.

Glanton, Charles R.

Hudson, Tillman S.

Jones, Dabney P.

Leroy, P. B.

Mathews, Thomas

McCullough, C.

Merriwether, Nicholas

Merriwether, Snowden G.

Middleton, John T. ( B. )

North, John

Pardew, John

Prescott, Lewis H.

Price, Abram

Reel, Henry

Shelton, John

Stone, Isaac B., born 30 Nov 1822, died 23 May 1899, and is buried Oleander Cemetery, Marshall County, AL. He subsequently served as a Private in 5th State Troops, Company D, Aug 1863 - Feb 1864 and as 3rd Lieutenant in 6th Battalion of State Troops, Senior Reserves, Company E

Strom, George W.

Strom, Silas

Wash, Richard L.

Wiseman, E. A.

Wood, James

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