5th South Carolina Reserves
Company F
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863
Colleton County

Talbert, John F., Captain
Timmerman, Wiley, 1st Lieutenant
Harrison, James S., 2nd Lieutenant
Lagroon, Elias, 2nd Lieutenant
Quattlebum, John P., 3rd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Quattlebum, William, 1st Sergeant
Canfield, William, Sergeant
Henderson, Thomas S., Sergeant
McDowell, Benjamin F., Sergeant
Miner, Daniel, Sergeant
Reynolds, Lewis, Sergeant
White, John M., Sergeant
Chapman, Thomas, Corporal
Gaskins, Albert G., Corporal
Strom, Sampson B., Corporal
Walls, Anderson, Corporal
Williams, John S., Corporal

Bailey, Jesse
Banks, George B.
Baughman, Eli
Burdett, John H.
Bumett, Thomas 0.
Coleman, John L.
Corley, Catlin
Comet, Elbert
Cothran, J. Madison
Cullison, James
Dom, Elbert
Dom, John
Galphin, George
Glanzier, John
Goleman, James A.
Hogan, Wyatt
Hollingsworth, Thomas
Johnson, George W., was born 9 April 1824 to Lewis and Martha Holcombe Johnson in SC. He was a cabinetmaker and master carpenter and lived in Henderson County NC. When the war broke out, he took his wife and children to his father in-Law's home in Walterboro, SC where he was enlisted in the reserves. After this service, He returned to on 15 July 1862 he enlisted, at Hendersonville NC, in 5th Battalion NC Cav., redesignated 7th Battalion NC, Cav. in September 1862. This unit was engaged in guard duty and partisan warfare in East Tenn and western NC August 1863, a consolidation of forces created the 65th Reg. NC. later known as the 6th reg. NC Cav. Served under Col. George N. Folk. Fought at Chickamauga and Knoxville under Forrest and Longstreet respectively. Captured at Kinston NC on June 22, 1864. Held as a POW at Point Lookout MD and Elmyra NY. Released at Point Lookout on July 3, 1865. Release and oath of alleigence documents exist. After the war George and Family returned to Hendersonville NC where he worked as a carpenter, made furniture, and was ordained a Baptist Preacher in 1884. George died 6 Jan 1900 and is buried with his wife, Ann Blocker Johnson at Shaws Creek Baptist Church in Hendersonville, where he was the Pastor. Contact : Chuck Johnson

Kemp, Wiley B.
Langley, Josiah
Langley, Stephen
Loveless, Benjamin F.
Martin, John B.
Nicholson, Shimuel W.
Norris, Allen
Osbome, John F.
Palmer, Nimrod
Ramsay, William J.
Reynolds, Caleb
Reynolds, William
Robertson, William
Rodgers, Thomas
Rountree, Andrew J.
Rush, David
Seigler, William A. J.
Serles, Ellington
Stalnaker, Benjamin F.
Stalnaker, David
Stalnaker, Richard
Stalnaker, William T.
Stewart, John W.
Stewart, Robert K.
Strom, John F.
Talbert, Barthy M.
Talbert, William Jasper
Thomas, James W.
Timmerman, Benjamin
Timmerman, William
White, Berry
Worthington, Levi M.
Wren, Stephen T.

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