5th South Carolina Reserves
Company G
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863
Abbeville District

White, James M., Captain
Baker, S. S., 1st Lieutenant
Carlile, James H., 2nd Lieutenant
Speer, John C., 3rd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Cunningham, T. T., 1st Sergeant
Baskin, W. S., Sergeant
Cunningham, J. R., Sergeant
McEIvy, William, Sergeant
Power, E. F., Sergeant
Speed, E. P., Sergeant, born 1818. lived in Abbeville TWP
Bowen, James, Corporal
Bowen, W. M., Corporal
Clinkscales, W. F., Corporal
Griffin, John W., Corporal
Hodge, James, Corporal
Brown, R. Franklin, Wagonner

Allen, Charles P., born 1818, lived in Abbeville TWP
Allen, James T.
Arnold, L. Judge
Asbell, Alfred
Baker, Theophilus
Beasley, Richard C.
Blanchet, Thomas
Bowen, Jones
Bruce, James
Burdet, George
Burton, Henry J.
Burton, Jasper N.
Burton, Josiah
Campbell, Jasper J.
Campbell, William A.
Cann, Jesse W.
Clark, James
Clay, Elisha
Clinkscales, George B.
Clinkscales, Milford
Crowther, James
Crowther, William
Cunningham, Joel J.
Davis, Edward
Dawson, Gilbert G.
Fergusson, William C.
Fleming, Green B.
Hall, J. Daniel
Hall, William A.
Hardin, Ralph L.
Harrington, Michael
Hester, Elijah
Hodge, Alexander
Jones, Samuel L.
Kay, Benjamin D.
Kennedy, William F.
Killingsworth, William G.
Lessly, William A.
Loftess ( Loftis ), Hudson ( Hutson ), born 12 Dec1825, died.1910, lived in Lowndesville TWP
Mauldin, William T.
McAdams, Roberson B.
McCracken, T. Jefferson
McCurry, Sydney A.
McMahan, John
Milford, Thomas C.
Morgan, Thomas
Morrow, William R.
Murdock, David
Newby, John
Pettigrue, George P.
Prince, William P.
Rampy, Samuel F.
Scoggins, William, born in 3 Apr 1827, married Amanda and raised 9 children, enlisted 10 Nov 1862 at Abbeville, died in 14 or 15 Dec 1864, served until 10 Feb 1863, lived in Lowndesville

Smith, Benajah H.
South, Elias W.
Speed, Samuel D., born 1818, lived in Abbeville TWP
Sutherland, Thomas D.
Tate, William M.
Taveau, Augustine L.
Wickliffe, William
Wilson, R. Henry
Young, James
Young, James M., lived in Lowndesville TWP
Young, T. Densmore

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