5th South Carolina Reserves
company H
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863
Abbeville District

Bradley, WK., Captain
Robinson, James S., Captain
coleman, H., 1st Lieutenant
Morrah, Samuel R., 2nd Lieutenant
Rogers, T. A., Bvt. 2nd Lieutenant

Noncommissioned Officers
Reid, Lemuel, 1st Sergeant, born about 1816, died 17 May 1867, and is buried at Upper Long Canes Cemetary, Abbeville. Picture and Bio

Edwards, Mosely, Sergeant
Gibert, S. F., Sergeant
Means, James W., Sergeant
Mobley, Thomas, Sergeant
Watkins, Wilson, Sergeant
cowan, John, corporal
Leroy, E. B., corporal
McCallister, Thomas, corporal
Shanks, J. J., corporal

Able, Samuel
Baker, F. A.
Bass, A. M.
Bonds, M. W.
Brooks, W. H.
Brown, John L., he died as the results of meazles while in Camp Griffin, colleton county on 2 Feb 1863.
Bumett, H.
Calhoun, F. A.
Carter, Samuel
cofer, T. L.
connor, A. P.
cook, W.
Defficott, W. G.
Drinkard, G. S.
Earnest, Robert
Edwards, J. J.
Edwards, N. A.
Gallagher, W. D.
Harmon, John
Hemminger, P.
Hilbum, J. E.
Hill, James
Jones, E.
Kennedy, B.
Knox, David
Leroy, J. P.
Link, Johnson
McCannon, W. R.
Mccord, T. B.
McFerrin, R.
McGill, William
McKane, William
Mitchell, J. E. M.
Nelson, George W.
Palmer, J. B.
Patterson, John
Pursley, W. O.
Richey, J. W.
Scott, R. C.
Smith, James
Sutherland, W. M.
Wardlaw, D. M.
Wideman, Tatom
Wilson, F. A.
Wilson, Hugh

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