5th South Carolina Reserves
Company I
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863
Dorchester District

Hearst, John W., Captain

Sproull, C. William, 1st Lieutenant

Jones, Dennis F., 2nd Lieutenant

Lites, R. W., 2nd Lieutenant

Wideman, James H., 3rd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Sullivan, William P., 1st Sergeant

Westfield, Edward, 1st Sergeant

Gibson, William, Sergeant

Harmon, William, Sergeant

Liles, M. W., Sergeant

Lindsay, Joseph C., Sergeant

Newby, James, Sergeant

Patterson, G. S., Sergeant

Coombe, John, Corporal

Criswell, John F., Corporal

Edmunds, F. H., Corporal

Puckett, William C., Corporal, married M. E. Ann Talman 26 Nov 1849, enlisted in Summerville on 10 Nov 1862 and died on 1 Jan 1863 (age listed as 43 years 3 1/5 months) in the camp hospital, Camp Adams Run.

Roche, Edward, Corporal

Spence, Samuel, Corporal

Cothran, James, Wagonner

Allen, C. H.

Allen, J. A.

Bailey, John D.

Banks, P.

Banks, William

Barksdale, James

Barwick, Edward

Barwick, John

Beasley, J. R.

Beasley, W. W.

Beauford, Byrd

Bell, J. C.

Brown, Redmond

Burdeshaw, S. S.

Bumett, H.

Callan, Richard, was born in Ireland, circa 1815. He was a joiner, resident in Abbeville Court House, SC, household of his brother-in-law, William M. Mooney, at the time of the Eighth (1860) Federal Census, 20 June 1860. He died, probably in SC, sometime between 1862 and 1865. His widow, Mary A. (O'Keefe) Callen, resided at 20 Liberty Street in Salem, MA, in 1866 (SD, 1866). She died in Salem, MA, 23 January 1892, aged sixty-two years (MA VRs).

Carrol, James

Cauley, C. C.

Cook, Frederick

Cook, Nicholas

Cook, S. B.

Criswell, James P.

Criswell, ?

Criswell, Thomas 0.

Criswell, Thomas S.

Deason, Berry

Deason, John

Devlin, John L.

Dillashaw, William P.

Edmunds, J. Alex

Edwards, H. F.

Edwards, Thomas J.

Elkins, John W.

Enright, John

Fair, R. A.

Ferqueron, James D.

Ford, Joseph

Gibson, Elias

Hainblin, J. K.

Holloway, Edward P.

Holloway, Henry

Laird, S. P.

Langley, Josiah

Lawson, H. W.

Leroy, P. B.

Martin, Green B.

Martin, James

Martin, John J.

McCain, Peter

McKinney, William W.

Minor, James

Minor, Lewis

Minor, W.

Mooney, William M., was born in Kilmacthomas, County Waterford, Ireland, 14 August 1824. William M. and Margaret (O'Keefe) Mooney were evidently resident in Abbeville, SC, as early as June 1854 (when their son Michael was buried in Long Canes Cemetery). William M. Mooney was a joiner, resident in Abbeville Court House, SC, at the time of the Eighth (1860) Federal Census, 20 June 1860; his real-estate was valued at $1,200 and his personal-estate was valued at $1,400. Mooney's brothers-in-law, Richard Callen and Patrick O'Keefe, were also resident in his household. He was "...for 20 years a grocer in Derby Street" in Salem. He kept his grocery store at 92 Derby Street in Salem, MA, between 1876 and 1893; he also lived at the same address throughout that same period, presumably upstairs from his grocery store. His widowed sister-in-law, Mary A. (O'Keefe) Callan, lived in his Derby Street household, between 1876 and the time of her death in 1892 (SD, 1876 through 1893-94). He died in Salem, Massachusetts, 16 December 1893

Moore, J. T.

Morgan, Thomas

Nelson, Enoch

Palmer, Joshua

Puckett, Allen, nrother of Corporal William C Puckett, married Susannah E., enlisted in Summerville on 10 Nov 1862 and died on 9 Jan 1863 in Abbeville District (age of 36 years, 6 1/2 months) and is buried in Troy, Greenwood County, South Carolina.

Rich, Lewis

Rosenwick, George

Rutledge, P. S.

Service, L. C.

Smith, Willis

Taylor, E. J.

Wait, Joshua

Walker, Burton C.

Walker, Chesley

Walker, Robert

Wideman, Francis

Wideman, S. Boggs

Wier, John A.

Wilson, John H.

Wilson, Samuel A.

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