5th South Carolina Reserves
Company A
Aug 1863 - Feb 1864
Chester District

Harden, John, Captain
Gilmore, W. T., 1st Lieutenant
Harden, William, 2nd Lieutenant
Hollis, William, Bvt. 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Robinson, E. F., 1st Sergeant
Carroll, Daniel, Sergeant
Love, Lawson, Sergeant
Turner, J. S., Sergeant
Boyd, A. J., Corporal
Castels, Jesse, Corporal
Jaggers, Harvey, Corporal
Shurley, C. P., Corporal
Nail, Pinckston, Drummer

Albright, A. G.
Beam, Jesse
Beamguard, S. C.
Bigham, T. G.
Bolick, Cephus
Boyd, Robert
Brown, W. M.
Buckanon, A. S.
Caldwell, William
Chalk, Earle
Chalk, T. J.
Clark, John
Coleman, F. D.
Colvin, John
Darby, Zadok
Davis, E. T.
Duncan, D. H.
Dunovant, A. Q.
Elliott, Eli
Gilmore, C. M.
Gilmore, William
Grant, J. H.
Grant, John
Grant, William
Grier, J. E.
Hafner, J. A.
Harden, Henry
Hardrick, J. B.
Hill, William
Hogg, Archibald
Hull, William
Kirkpatrick, J. C.
Love, J. M.
Lowe, G. W.
McCright, Samuel
McCright, William
McLure, Brainard
McNeal, Alexander
Miller, Jonah
Montgomery, Miner
Morris, I. L.
Off, Robert
Parish, W. G.
Pope, John
Porter, James
Revels, G. W.

Roberts, Elbert 'Birdie', brother of Moses. born in SC in 1827 and died in 1914.

Roberts, Isaac
Roberts, Moses, was born in 1825 and died in 1896.
Roberts, Thomas
Robins, E. B.
Ross, Francis
Sealy, W. T.
Shurley, W. A.
Simpson, John
Sterling, W. D.
Stevenson, William
Vamadere, Samuel
Walker, J. H.
West, R. C.
Wilks, H. H.
Wilks, Thomas
Worthy, John

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