5th South Carolina Reserves
company B
Aug 1863 - Feb 1864
York District

Lowry, John T., Captain

Moore, John W., 1st Lieutenant

Cain, James M. M., 2nd Lieutenant

Howell, William H. (M.), 3rd Lieutenant, was born in Shelby, Cleveland county, NC. in 1826, the son of James and Sarah Howell. In the 1850 Census for Cleveland county NC he was listed as a School Teacher. In the 1860 Census for York county SC, he is listed as as a farmer. He married the youngest daughter of Henry Houser II and lived close to Houser House in what is now Kings Mountain National Military Park until about 1883 when he moved to Delta county, Texas and died in Lake Creek, Delta county Texas in 1893. Letters Home

Noncommissioned Officers
Eccles, Thomas J., 1st Sergeant

Allison, Robert, Sergeant

Carroll, W. H., Sergeant

Quinn, W. H., Sergeant

Caldwell, Robert N., corporal

Dickson, J. H., corporal

Falls, E. W., corporal

Galloway, Alexander, corporal

Armstrong, William

Ashe, William N.

Barber, John

Bigger, A.

Bird, Marcus Ross, born 9 January 1816, 1 died Sept 1887, buried with his spouse in Antioch Cemetery. Mustered into service in August 1863 for six months but was discharged by a surgeon 9 November 1863. He preiviously served served 7th State Troops (1862-63), company I, as William Ross Bird, 3rd Sergeant.

Bradford, William

Bratton, R. G.

Brown, R. J.

Burris, Hugh

Carson, William

Childers, Sherrod

Childress, Josiah

Craven, Alfred

Crow, Milton

Davidson, Robert

Donald, James

Dover, John

Dover, Thomas

Dowdell, William G.

Edwards, Jonathan

Enloe, William M.

Falls, Elam A.

Faris, Edward T.

Faris, Oscar A.

Ferguson, Leroy H.

Floyd, Izard G.

Fumster, Elijah G.

Galloway, J. L.

Gardner, Alfred T.

Gardner, William F.

Givens, William A.

Good, James K.

Good, William H.

Gwin, Chesley C.

Haffner, Andrew

Hambright, Abner

Hambright, Gilbreath

Hambright, J. Martin

Hambright, Lewis

Hampton, James

Hartin, Thomas

Hastness, John W. A.

Hays, Andrew

Henry, Alexander M.

Hill, Lawson A.., born 24 December, 1829, York co., SC. Married Barbara Whisenant 20 April 1858. Joined company B, 5th South Carolina State Troops in York county, S.C., on 1 August 1863 for a 6 month enlistment. He was excused from the unit 11 November 1863 on petition from local people so he could resume his medical practice in the area. Died 17 April 1914 and is buried in New Hope Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Alcorn county, Mississippi.

Hill, William E.

Holt, Allan W.

Hopson, William L.

Huskie, Allan

Kuykendal, Samuel J.

Latham, Robert S.

Lewis, James S.

Lindsay, James G.

Lominack, Thomas

Love, Andrew

Love, Andrew F.

Love, J. E.

Lowry, J. B.

Martin, A. J.

Martin, Moses, enlisted at York C. H. on 1 Aug 1863, and reported for duty on 9 Nov 1863. Moses Martin, age 39, is listed in the 1860 Census for Boydton, York District

McCarley, John

McCarter, C. L. H.

McCarter, Joel

McCarter, Nelson

Mccouts, John B.

McDaniel, W. H.

McLeure, Robert F.

Mickle, T. M.

Moore, Isaac W.

Moore, John M.

Moore, Jonathan

Moss, John

Moss, William

Packhard, Leander L.

Parish, Wilson N.

Patrick, John R.

Peterson, Robert

Pruitt, Spencer

Pursely, John

Rainey, William J.

Ramsay, Lewis

Robertson, Robert

Robertson, William

Robison, A. E.

Smaff, John D.

Smith, McCheney

Stewart, John

Stillwell, Alfred

Tolbert, Ben

Watson, Henry

Weller, Joseph G.

Whisonant, G. R.

Whisonant, William

White, J. W.

Whitesides, John W.

Wilson, Hamilton

Wilson, V. R.

Zester, Harvey

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