7th South Carolina Reserves
Company A
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863
Spartanburg District

Ballenger, Joel, Captain
Lancaster, Rufus, 1st Lieutenant
Neighbours, H. M., 1st Lieutenant
Wood, James, 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Fendly, D. G., 1st Sergeant
Thomas, Hilliard, 1st Sergeant
Harris, J. G., Sergeant
Lee, M. C., Sergeant
Littlejohn, S. M., Sergeant
Briant, William Gassaway, Corporal, born 26 Sep 1818 Spartanburg County, died 3 Oct 1883 Pacolet Twp, Spartanburg County. His wife was Lavinia Quinn, 1st cousin to Privates A. L. Quinn, L. C. Quinn and N. M. Quinn

Houghston, D. F., Corporal
Kirby, Joseph, Corporal
Tinsley, James, Corporal

Allen, Woodard
Barnett, John S.
Bogan, Holden
Brown, Green B.
Brown, Isaac
Byars, Nathan
Camp, William C.
Campbell, Washington
Cantrell, Harwell
Chapman, John
Cogens, Folston
Cowen, John
Crocker, Miles
Crocker, William
Fitch, B. F.
Foster, Joseph M.
Goforth, Johnathan
Goodwin, M. D.
Gossett, W. C.
Green, Sunsbery
Griffin, Fielding
Guinn, Mancel
Harris, D. D.
Harvy, A. G.
Henderson, A. J.
Hendly, James
Hill Sr., William
Hill Jr., William
Hood, Ely
Kirby, H. W.
Kirby, Marcus
Kirby, R. L.
Kirby, Winesberry
Lawson, Amos
Lee, John M.
Littlejohn, W. E. S.
Macombson, James
Mathis, Jesse
McAbee, William
McKinney, A. J.
Miles, Silas
Millwood, Martin
Moreland, J. P.
Morris, J. T.
Newton, G. W.
Owen, Raymond
Petty, Elijah
Pierce, William
Pierkinson, John
Pool, Luther
Quinn, Adolphus Russell ( Dolph ) , born about 1828 in Spartanburg County, SC, died about 1915, Spartanburg Twp. Also served with in Co B and K, 27th SC Regiment, SC Troops and 1st Battalion, Senior Reserves (1864) . Enlisted 20 Nov 1862. Last entry was dated 5 Jun 1864 for transfer to hospital, Raleigh, NC. He was on service connected disability until his death.

Quinn, Lawson C., born SC (probably Union County). Transferred to Co K, 27th SC Regiment, SC Troops. Killed in action.

Quinn, Nuburn Mattison ( Madison ), born SC (probably Union County) 13 Jan 1823, died 4 Aug 1892 in Union County, SC. Buried Reid Cemetery, Union County, SC.

Sanders, Hiram
Scott, Lee
Sellars, Calvin
Sherbut, Samuel
Smith, William Joseph
Stone, William B.
Taylor, Solomon
Webster, William
Willard, Elijah
Willard, John
Willis, Wiley

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