7th South Carolina Reserves
Company C
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863

Cleary, J. E., Captain
Morris, W. S., 1st Lieutenant
Epton, Isaac, 2nd Lieutenant
Huskey, James, 3rd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Webber, W. D., 1st Sergeant
Allison, J. L., Sergeant
Cleary, William, Sergeant
Pope, M. T., Sergeant
Price, C. P., Sergeant
Cash, Benjamin, Corporal
Cash, M. B., Corporal
Linder, Simpson, Corporal
McAbee, James, Corporal
Ray, A. D., Corporal

Abinatha, Alfred
Blanton, L. L.
Bridges, J. E.
Bright, Chesterfield
Bright, O. V.
Bright, William
Bumpus, A.
Byars, Benson
Cannon, Nathaniel
Cannon, Wilson
Cash, Henderson
Cash, Hubbard
Cash, M. S.
Cash, Spivory
Davis, James
Easler, Henry
Easler, J. B.
Easler, John
Easler, William
Edwards, Judge
George, Jeremiah
George, Wilson
Griffm, Thomas
Hammet, Joseph
Harris, Thomas
Harrison, James
Hom, Smith
Horton, J. W.
Humphries, Jefferson
Humphries, Thomson
Huskey, Richard
Jones, J. L.
Kerby, Lafayette
Linder, Lee
McAbee, W. C.
Penning, Daniel
Perkins, Henry
Pettit, N. H.
Philips, Ira
Price, Hugh
Queen, Moses
Quinn, James W.
Ray, T. F.
Robbins, Hezekiah
Robertson, Henry
Sarran, Irvin
Sarratt, J. B.
Sosby, John
Thomas, Zerah
Turner, George
Vassy, Levi
Wesbrooks, Thomas
Williams, Noah

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