7th South Carolina Reserves
Company H
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863
Spartanburg District

McCulloch, John, Captain
Moore, Hugh, 1st Lieutenant
Lynn, Mathew S., 2nd Lieutenant
Lipscomb, William R., Bvt. 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Alexander, William Davidson, 1st Sergeant. He was born 24 December 1817 in Mecklenburg County, NC. He later served as a private with Captain Joel Ballenger ( Bellinger ) 5th State Troops, Company G from Spartanburg County- He died 29 August 1895 in Birmingham, Alabama and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery at Birmingham, Alabama.

Hames, Henry R., Sergeant
Hames, William W., Sergeant
Rees, Berryman T., Sergeant
Wright, Buff H., Sergeant
Gaffney, Thomas W., Corporal
Hames, Joshua G., Corporal
Plaxico, John, Corporal

Blanton, David
Blanton, Vincen
Boyles, Aleazar
Boyles, S. S.
Bridges, Green H.
Colvert, Waddy
Foster, Joseph J.
Fowler, Henry
Gibson, Harral
Gist, Nath.
Harris, Samuel J.
Holmes, William G.
Lanier, John
Lipscomb, James M.
Long, John, Corporal
Mabry, Franklin F.
Milwood, Simpson
Osment, Emsly
Ownby, Thomas
Paris, Alfred
Patrick, Isaac
Pearson, Berry
Peeler, Anderson J
Pennington, Isaac
Pennington, Johnson
Perry, Andrew J.
Petty, Andrew J.
Petty, Simpson
Porter, Thomas D.
Pridmore, Jacob C.
Rains, Thomas
Reynolds, William T.
Sanders, Ervin
Spencer, John
Taylor, John A.
Webber, John G.
Welchel, John
Wright, John P.

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