7th South Carolina Reserves
Company I
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863
York District

Dawson, J. S., Captain
Martin, Henderson, 1st Lieutenant
Allen Jr., Samuel, 2nd Lieutenant
Carroll Sr., W. H., 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Howell, William, 1st Sergeant
Bird, William Ross, 3rd Sergeant, born 9 January 1816, 1 died Sept 1887, buried with his spouse in Antioch Cemetery. He enlisted 20 Nov 1862, on sick "home on furlough" from 22 Nov through 31 Dec 1862. One card says that as of 17 Feb 1863 he "was absent on furlough at home, and had "not yet reported." He next served in 5th State Troops (1864-64) as Marcus Ross Bird.

Hambright, G., Sergeant
Moss, William, Sergeant
Webber, J. G., Sergeant
Crow, M. P., Corporal
Hambright, J. M., Corporal
Moore, Jonathan, Corporal
Moss, Thomas, Corporal

Dillingham, James
Dover, John
Duncan, 0.
Green, Louis
Griffin, H.
Hambright, A.
Hambright, J. H.
Hambright, L.
Hopper, H. P.
Hullinder, M.
Jackson, A. W.
Moss, John
Moss, W.
Mullinax, Thomas
Pruitt, S. P.
Stames, J. P.
Steward, G. L.
Talbert, B.
Wells, F. M.
Wells, R.
Wesson, B. I.
White, Willis
Withers, B.

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