7th South Carolina Reserves
Company L
Spartanburg District
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863

Vandike, J. H., Captain

Wyatt, T. Wesley, 1st Lieutenant

Moore, Charles, 2nd Lieutenant

Owens, R. D., Bvt. 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Moss, O. H., 1st Sergeant

Barry, C. A., Sergeant

Crook, J. M., Sergeant

Finch, S., Sergeant

McCarley, Miles, Sergeant

Alexander, James M., Corporal

Bomar, J. W. S., Corporal

Gregory, J. B., Corporal

Posey, F., Corporal

Archer, J. B.

Bailey, D.

Barnett, J.

Biter, A.

Biter, H.

Bomar, W. B.

Brannon, J. J.

Bridwell, J.

Brim, W. J.

Brown, J.

Builington, P. N.

Bush, T.

Caldwell, A. P.

Calvert, E.

Clanton, Zadock, born 1822 in North Carolina, and died 1893 Dekalb, Alabama

Daniel, J. W.

Dobbins, J. B.

Farrow, P. W.

Finch, B. A.

Finley, J.

Fowler, J. A.

Holt, H. P.

Huggins, E. L.

Kooch, Louis

Law, E.

McAbee, L.

McFarland, J.

Miller, W. C.

Moore, J. A.

Pearson, A. J.

Phillips, J.

Posey, H.

Rodgers, W.

Schonthall, J.

Seay, J. H.

Seay, J. L.

Sellers, R.

Smith, P.

Terry, J. M.

Turner, G. W.

Twitty, D. J.

West, A. J.

West, M. B.

Whitehead, B.

Williamson, J.

Wingo, J. W.

Wood, H. J.

Wood, T. C.

Wooton, J. W.

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