9th South Carolina Reserves
Company A
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863
Laurens District

Hudgens, James, Captain
Glen, S. D., 1st Lieutenant
Simmons, J. A., 2nd Lieutenant
Dorroh, William McDavid, 3rd Lieutenant, Age 44. Enlisted 17 Nov 1862 at Laurens for 90 days. A Pay Roll Account shows he received pay at a monthly rate of $80.       Contact: James W. Dorroh

NonCommissioned Officers
Wood, T. R. L., 1st Sergeant
Bolt, Wiley, Sergeant
Chappell, W. T., Sergeant
Garey, J. D., Sergeant
Shockley, J. M., Sergeant
Blakeley, J. K., Corporal
Bolt, Andrew, Corporal
Coleman, John, Corporal
Hudgens, J. B., Corporal

Allison, L. N.
Allison, R. W.
Anderson, James
Anderson, John
Arnold, J. W.
Babb, Melmoth
Babb, Tandy
Bailey, Elijah
Bailey, W. W.
Baldwin, Vincent
Biter, James
Bolt, James
Bolt, Samuel
Boyd, Bradford
Boyd, David
Boyd, John H.
Coley, A. J.
Culbertson, Andrew
Culbertson, J. M.
Culbertson, S. B.
Davis, J. L.
Dial, Albert
Elledge, James
Fenley, Harrison
Gilkerson, J. L.
Glen, D. A.
Hammond, John
Henderson, S. E.
Henderson, W. B.
Hipps, Joseph
Holdin, Solomon
Kernels, Joel
Knight, B. H.
Knight, Dires
Lindley, James
Lindley, John
Lindley, John T.
Lyons, George
McMinch, Samuel
Meares, Eric B "Erie", son of John and Elizabeth Meares, was born 1815 in Clinton, Laurens County, SC, and died after 1880 in Asheville, NC.

Medlock, Anderson
Medlock, J. T.
Milam, D. M.
Mitchell, William
Moloy, W. P.
Puckett, W. A.
Robison, John
Shumate, H. S.
Simmons, J. B.
South, D. L.
Sullivan, J. H.
Taylor, Berryman
Tumlin, William
Vaughn, Joel
Vaughn, Norman
Wadkins, H. H.
Wasson, J. A.
Whitlock, J. L.
Winslow, G. G.
Woods, Hugh
Woods, Kellet

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