9th South Carolina Reserves
Company B
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863
Laurens District

Jones, W. J. M., Captain
Davenport, L. P., 1st Lieutenant
Becks, William, 2nd Lieutenant
Martin, Lewis, 3rd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Scott, William, 1st Sergeant
Henry, D. L., Sergeant
Henry, H., Sergeant
Martin, L. S., Sergeant
Smith, W. T., Sergeant
Brown, G. M., Corporal
Clardy, Reuben, Corporal
Madden, Z. L., Corporal
Martin, L. D., Corporal

Anderson, A. T.
Anderson, D. W.
Anderson, Larkin
Anderson, W. J.
Arnold, J. W. F.
Arnold, M. Y.
Beeks, Daniel
Boland, H. F.
Brownlee, J. J.
Burton, Hiram
Burton, T. T.
Burton, Thomas
Cardy, J. M.
Cook, J. C.
Cooper, Y. J.
Culbertson, R. S
Davenport, J. C.
Davis, William
Elmore, L. D.
Elmore, Matison
Finly, James
Finly, W. T.
Fowler, J. F.
Fuller, Henry
Golding, J. R.
Graves, W. W.
Griffin, Newton
Griffin, Reuben
Hardy, Wiley
Hellams, J. H.
Henderson, J. F.
Hill, W. C.
Hitch, J. A.
Holcomb, J. G.
Joel, George
Joel, John
Knight, S. V.
Landress, S. S.
Madden, J. A.
Madden, Moses
Martin, James
Mates, Allen
McDaniel, Joel
McGee, L. H.
McPherson, J. M.
Milam, William
Monday, Alex
Moore, G. A.
Moore, W. B.
Murff, J. M.
Nelson, David
Nelson, Josiah
Norman, John
Owens, B. L.
Owens, M. J.
Pitts, J. Y.
Redden, H. R.
Redden, Henry
Richardson, W. A.
Robertson, George
Robertson, Pierson
South, J. B.
Spoon, J. H.
Sykes, Charles
Tinsly, C. D.
Tinsly, W. T.
Ware, W. A. J.
Weathers, James
Wells, Clement
Whitly, William

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