9th South Carolina Reserves
Company C
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863
Laurens District

Stewart, William, Captain
Johnson, H. P., 1st Lieutenant
Atwood, Melmoth, 2nd Lieutenant
Thompson, Elis, 3rd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Fairbairn, Noah, 1st Sergeant
Garrett, M. R., Sergeant
Hughes, W. H., Sergeant
Prior, Joseph, Sergeant
Taylor, James, Sergeant
Cheek, Austin, Corporal
Garrett, John, Corporal
Owings, William, Corporal
Rodgers, W. A., Corporal

Abercrombia, J. H.
Adams, J. O.
Anderson, Thomas
Armstrong, William Henry, born 15 Jan 1829, married to Isabelle Putman, died 15 Feb 1887 and is buried at Dial's United Methodist Church Cemetery

Babb, John
Boll, John
Boll, Young
Bromblet, Lewis
Burditt, John
Burton, J. A.
Coker, O. H. P.
Curry, Ivory. norn 25 Jan 1825, Gray Court, SC. and married to Eliza A. Also served in 6th S.C. Cav. Died 31 May 1887 and is buried at Dial's United Methodist Church Cemetery

Cury, Reason
Dial, Newton
Edwards, John
Edwards, Jonas
Farrow, L. M.
Farrow, R. M.
Garrett, A. Y.
Garrett, B. F.
Garrett, E. B.
Garrett, Pottilla
Garrett, W. E.
Garrett, Z. C.
Godfrey, Jesse
Gradan, John
Grumbles, Henry
Hand, W. W.
Hellams, William
Henderson, Richard
Henderson, Thomas
Hitch, Y. H. E.
Holcomb ( Holcombe ), Elisha
Holcomb ( Holcombe ), James
Kellett, C. M.
Kellett, Y. T.
Knight, B. W.
Knight, D. T.
Knight, Franklin
Leak, George W., born 12 May 1824 and died 5 Nov 1902
Leak, William C., born 18 Oct 1821 and died 22 May 1865
Loring, Daniel
Martin, H. H.
Newman, B. J.
Putnam, J. P.
Putnam, John
Putnam, T. R.
Riddle, Newton
Robertson Sr., Lewis
Robertson Jr., Lewis
Rodgers, L. P.
Shell, J. H.
Shockley, J. W.
Smith, Clark
Switzer, J. R.
Thomason, J. W.
Waldrop, Anderson
Wofford, R. M.

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