9th South Carolina Reserves
Company G
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863

Martin ( Mathis ), B. H., Captain

Richards, Berry, 1st Lieutenant

Davidson, Reuben S., 2nd Lieutenant

Crooks, Thomas H., 3rd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Maybin, A. G., 1st Sergeant

Abrams, Thomas P., Sergeant

Murphy, David, Sergeant

Murtishaw, Thomas, Sergeant, was born 17 April 1813 and married Caroline between 1838 and 1840. He served, along with his 2 brothers, in the Second Seminole War in Florida. He enlisted in Savannah, GA, 15 Feb 1836, in Captain Elmore's Company, C, SC Militia. He died 30 Mar 1873 and was buried in the cemetery of the Ebenezer Methodist Church in Maybington, Newberry, South Carolina.

Williams, Levi W., Sergeant

Alewine, James P., Corporal

Boozer, George B., Corporal

Rhodes, Noah E., Corporal

Sharp, John D., Corporal

Abrams, Ivy

Adams, Henry M.

Adams, James

Atwood, Roscius F.

Aughtry, Benjamin P.

Baker, Joseph

Blair, Robert

Bobo, John

Boland, William

Brown, James

Buford, James C.

Caldwell, T. W.

Calmes, John McM.

Chalmers, T. B.

Clark, Daniel A.

Cloy, Adam J.

Cromer, Adam W.

Cromer, Andrew

Cromer, Francis R.

Cromer, Miles

Crooks, John A. C.

Darby, John

Dean, Job

Denson, Alfred

Dickert, Lemuel

Duckett, James

Duckett, Joseph

Epps, James M.

Gage, James

Gilliam, John H

Gilliam, P. W.

Glascow, John L.

Gordon, James H.

Graham, John H.

Gregory, Jefferson

Gregory, William

Hancock, Bennett

Harmon, Samuel

Harris, Abram

Haydock, W. C.

Heller, Joel B.

Hentz, Thomas

Hentz, William R.

Hill, Holloway

Horton, Leonard

Hutchison, David F.

Johnson, Isaac

Kinard, John P.

Lloyd, John A.

Lyles, John V.

Martin, Henry

McCiane, G. W.

Miller, Zacharia

Moorman, Robert

Phillips, Thomas

Price, Thomas J.

Ringer, William H.

Ruff, Maximillian

Shell, Absalom D.

Shell, Marcus L.

Sims, John F.

Sims, William H.

Sligh, George A-

Sloan, Archibald

Smith, Jacob

Spence, Milton

Suber, Jacob H.

Suber, James M.

Suber, William R.

Tucker, George B.

Whitmire, John H.

Whitmire, Thomas

Wicker, Thomas v.

Willingham, A. J.

Willingham, John H.

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