9th South Carolina Reserves
Company K
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863
Beaufort District

Fuller, J. R., Captain
Fuller, F. G., 1st Lieutenant
Fuller, S. T., 2nd Lieutenant
Hill, J. C., 3rd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Stames, R. C., 1st Sergeant
Bryson, J. H., Sergeant
Finley, John, Sergeant
Fuller, H. M., Sergeant
Watts, R. S., Sergeant
Foshee, J. H., Corporal
Nickles, A. S., Corporal
Rudd, T. A., Corporal
Wallace, J., Corporal

Adams, A.
Atkins, J. M.
Austin, R.
Austin, S.
Bailey, H. M.
Bobo, William
Boyd, W. H.
Brooks, J. S.
Brown, Robert
Bryson, H. J.
Bryson, James
Bryson, John
Bryson, Thomas
Bryson, W.
Bryson, W. H.
Burnside, W. E.
Carter, H. N.
Casey, John
Chandler, J. W.
Coleman, A.
Cook, W. J.
Crout, A. M.
Dunlop, R. C.
Ellison, A. E.
Fuller, Thomas
Fuller, W. C.
Goodman, R. H.
Goolding, R. S.
Griffm, C. B.
Griffin, R. S.
Hitt, B. L.
Hitt, Martin
Hunter, H. M.
Hurston, J. S.
Jeffers, A.
Leek, J. F.
Leek, S.
Martin, J. H.
Martin, J. S.
Mayfield, J. L.
McAlhany, J.
Milford, J. W.
Miller, C. M.
Miller, H.
Miller, John
Moore, John
Motes, J. M.
Motes, Joseph
Munroe, L. A.
Neeley, John
Nelson, Thomas
Nickle, J. A.
Owens, B. R.
Pinson, J. R.
Pinson, John
Pinson, L. F.
Readmond, W.
Reeder, J. S.
Robertson, Young
Smith, W.
Sparks, Z.
Stewart, W. S.
Stone, M.
Teague, W. C.
Tinsley, S.
Trible, J. A.
Turner, J. G.
Turner, Thomas
Wells, B. M.
Whiteford, L.
Whorton, W. N.
Wills, C.
Word, A. S.
Workman, J.
Wright, W.
Young, A. G.
Young, L. L.

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