11th South Carolina Reserves
Company D
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863
Colleton District

Black, R. R., Captain
Riley, S. S., Captain
Marsh, C. J. D., Lieutenant
Padget, J. G., Lieutenant
Smith, W. M., Lieutenant
Williams, ??, Chaplain

NonCommissioned Officers
Campbell, J. W., Sergeant
Cattaton, A. V., Sergeant
Murdough, L. B., Sergeant
Smoke, D., Sergeant
Hiers, Robert, Corporal
Hutson, B. P., Corporal
Kicklighter, H., Corporal
Strickland, H., Corporal

Baily, J.
Baily, William
Bames, O. M.
Benton, J. O.
Beverly, John
Bishop, H.
Braker, J. L.
Carson, H. W.
Carter, J. A.
Carter, Seaborn
Carter, Willis
Cone, Miles
Crosby, Benjamin
Crosby, H. E.
Crosby, Henry
Crosby, Zekiel
Drawdy, Daniel
Furgerson, D. B.
Garris, William
Garvin, T. A.
Griffin, Daniel
Griffin, Lazarus
Grimes, James
Harrison, S. J.
Herndon, J.
Hickman, G. H.
Hiers, William
Hubbard, H.
Hutson, G.
Kinsey, Henry
Kinsey, James
McMillan, W. O.
Mills, James
Muckinfoose, William
Newton, William
O' Qinn, Hardy, was born in Colleton County, South Carolina, 19 March 1816 and died there 10 August 1910. He is buried in the "Rentz Cemetery" in Islandton, South Carolina.
Padget, Abraham
Polk, John
Pricher, John
Pricher, William
Ramsey, Henry
Ryans, John
Smith, John
Vamadore, H. C.
Weaks, Thomas
Wills, Jesse
Wingard, J.

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