11th South Carolina Reserves
Company F
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863
Barnwell & Beaufort Districts

Kitching, S. P., Captain
Courtney, A. S., 1st Lieutenant
Woodward, W. J., 2nd Lieutenant
Cochran, A. M., 3rd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Yaun, W. H., 1st Sergeant
Mims, G. D., Sergeant
Snelling, J. A., Sergeant
Wade, J. C., Sergeant
Yon, Louis, Sergeant
Arthur, E. A., Corporal
Eubanks, Walter, Corporal
Segler, J. P., Corporal
Walker, Wesley, Corporal

Arthur, R. R.
Barton, William
Blitching, H.
Blitchington, T.
Burckhalter, A.
Clockler, J.
Ford, J.
Key, A.
Red, W. M.
Rountree. W.
Sizemore, William
Sizemore, Wise
Star, H. F.
Weaver, J. R.
Woodward, O. C.

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