2nd Battalion of State Troops
Senior Reserves
Western Pickens District
Now Oconee District
Company F

Kay, James Doran, Captain, born 27 May 1816, died 10 Jan 1887 of pneumonia in Oconee County, and is buried in Westminster Baptist Cemetery, Oconee District

Verner, William H., 1st Lieutenant, born about 1847

Robinson, Alexander, 2nd Lieutenant, born about 1844

Tribble, James R., 2nd Lieutenant, born about 1847

Harris, L. W., 3rd Lieutenant

Roper, David H., Lieutenant, born about 1846

NonCommissioned Officers
Keese, Edwin E., 1st Sergeant, born about 1846

Reeder, John L., Sergeant, born about 1846

Russell, E. A., Ordely Sergeant

Dickson, John L., Corporal, born about 1846

Ford, W. W., Corporal

Looper, Solomon, Corporal, born about 1815, lived in Dacusville TWP

Abbott, Wilbourn, born about 1848

Allen, E. H.

Beaty, J. M.

Belcher, Edward

Bomer, J. D.

Brady, W. J.

Brown, William M., born about 1846 born in Pickens District, now Oconee County, near South Union. He was was sworn into service at Sandy Springs, August 1864, was in charge of the Commissary and was honorably discharged at Greensboro, N. C., 26 April 1865. He died at the home of his son 29 Nov 1919 and was buried in the cemetery at South Union, Oconee County.

Caldwell, J. C.

Calhoun, J. D.

Carpenter, A. Belton C., born about 1847

Carson, Ed

Cason ( Casen ), W. C.

Cater, E. B.

Cely, J. F., also served in company H

Cleveland, William S., born about 1847

Clinkscales, Abner Lewis, born in Anderson District, 29 Jan 1847. He volunteered in the spring of 1864. "He was sworn in service at Sandy Springs, South Carolina in Captain Lester's Company F. In about three months, the company elected J. D. Kay as Captain. They then went in Cavalry service and were known as Barnett's Battalion. They drilled at Fair Play about two months. From there they went to Augusta then to Savannah. They went from there to North Carolina, where they heard of the surrender."

Cole, Frank M.

Cromer, Ezra

Durham, Loranza R., born 1847 in Pickens District and died 11 Feb 1920 in Pickens District

Dyer, Noel

Freeman, Wellburn ( Wilbourne ) J., born about 1853

Gaillard, Leroy L.

Gambrell, John Pegg ( J. F. ) was born in Brushey Creek Township, Anderson County, 20 June 1847

Gaston, Joel R. P., born about 1846

Hall, Jesse M., born about 1847

Harbin ( Harben ), E. Nathaniel (Nat)

Harbin, John A., born about 1847

Harris, John C., born about 1848

Harrison, Franklin, born about 1847

Hayes, Bird S.

Hix ( Hicks ), W. J.

Holcombe, William H., born about 1847

Hopkins, W. T., died 4 Jan 1865 and is buried in Confederate Enclosure (Section E) of Elmwood Cemtery, Columbia

Isbell, William, born about 1846

Jenkins, Francis Trenmore ( F. J. ), born 13 Oct 1846, Chauga Creek, Pickens District (now Oconee County). married Frances Catheran MCWHORTER, 8 Nov 1870. died 27 Sep 1928, and buried at Hopewell Methodist Church, Oconee County

Jenkins, William F., born about 1846

Jennings, David W.

Keys, A. C.

King, W. Henry

Knox, R. C.

Looper ( Looker ), James P., born about 1846

Lyles, James Turner, born 1846, died 30 May 1925

Marrett, J. P.

Mason, Robert E. ( Bob ), born about 1847

Price, William R., born about 1847

Reeder, John L.was born in Oconee County, S.C., near South Union Church in the year 31 Jan 1847. He volunteered for service in August 1864, going first to Sandy Springs in Company H, held rank of sergeant during service. They made their headquarters at Fair Play, S.C. and guarded all crossings on the Tugaloo River, commencing at Hotter's Ford, then to Knox's Bridge, Jenkins' Ferry and to Tunnell [sic] Hill; from there to Smithfield, N.C. and other places until they came to Greensboro, N.C. and here they stayed until the surrender 26 April 1865. He reached home the 7 May 1865.

Silton, John D.

Simmons, T. B.

Smith, William M. ( Bill )

Stribling, John B. (V.), held rank of sergeant during service in Companu H

Thacker, John J.

Webb, J. W.


A eulogy for "Doran" Kay appeared in the 12 Jan 1887 issue of Keowee Courier. Also some paraphrased data attributed to Vandiver's History of Anderson County and the series War of the Rebellion describes Doran Kay having a detachment of 66 men (boys) described as Mounted SC Reserves stationed near Coosawhatchie SC near the coast. His company was organised in the summer of 1864 at Sandy Springs, Anderson County, and was drilled for a short while at Fair Play by Walter Gray, a cadet. His company was ordered to Savannah but was detoured to Grahamville and engaged in the Battle of Honey Hill, also Dingle Mill and Boykins Mill. Captain Kay's signature is on four orders for "requisition for forage", all dated Sep 1864 while stationed at Anderson C H guarding ferries on the Savannah River and also guarding prisoners in Florence. The Company disbanded in NC at the end of the war.

Supplied by:

Wm Don Kay, Charleston SC


This must be the "most Independent" group of Rebels of them all. They are never referred to as 2nd Battalion or even company F, but alwyas as Doran Kay's or Kay's Cavalary. The dedication of his troopers to their captain must have been immense.


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