2nd Battalion of State Troops
Senior Reserves
Company H
Anderson District

Harris, W., 1st Lieutenant

Verner, W. H., 1st Lieutenant

Tribble, James Richardm 2nd Lieutenant, born about 1820

Russell, E. A., Bvt. 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Keese, Edward E., 1st Sergeant, born about 1845, merchant in 1869 in Anderson.

Reeder, John L., Sergeant

Looper, J. P., Sergeant

Stribling, John V., Sergeant

Cole, F. M., Corporal

Dickson, J. L., Corporal

Ford, William Walker, Corporal, born about 1847, died in 1932, and is buried in Easley Cemetery, Pickens County, SC

Harbin, J. A., Corporal

Abbott, W.

Allay, E. H.

Beaten ( Bearen ), J. W.

Beaty, J. M.

Belcher, P.

Bomer, L. D.

Brady, W. T.

Brown, W. M.

Caldwell, J. C.

Calhoun, J. D.

Carpenter, A. B. C.

Cason, W. C., born about 1846, died in 1905, and id buried in White Plains Baptist, Pelzer, Anderson County. SC. He married Sarah "Sallie" C. Murphy, born 1846, died in 1911, and is buried White Plains Baptist, Pelzer, Anderson County. SC

Cater, E. B.

Cleveland, W. G.

Clinkscales, Abner Lewis, born about 1846.

Cromer, E.

Durham, L. R.

Dyer, Noel

Freeman, W. J.

Gaillard, Louis Leroy, born about 1847 and died in 1925, Anderson. Farmer in Anderson. He married Katharine "Kate" Hammond, who was born about 1851

Gambrell, Jacob P., born about 1847, parents lived in Powdersville neighborhood.

Gaston, J. R. P.

Hall, J. M.

Harbin, E. N. ( C. N. ), who had volunteered from the confederate hospital in Sumter, died of wounds recieved at he Battle of Dingle's Mill 9 April 1865.

Harris, J. C.

Harrisson, Frank

Hays, R. S.

Hix, W. J.

Holcombe, W. H.

Isbell, William

Jenkins, F. T.

Jenkins, W. F.

Jennings, D. W.

King, W. H.

Knox, R. C., died 4 February 1865 and is buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston

Maffett, J. P.

Mason, R. E.

Price, J. H.

Price, W. R.

Reeder, John L. was born in Oconee County, S.C., near South Union Church in the year 31 Jan 1847, He volunteered for service in August 1864, going first to Sandy Springs to drill for two weeks and then joined a Cavalry Company
Silton, John D.n born about 1847m died un 1915, abd is buried in St. Paul's Methodist, near Easley, Anderson County, SC

Simmons, T. B.

Smith, W. M.

Thacker, J. J.

Webb, James "Warren", born about 1847 and died in 1929, Troup County, GA. He was married to Francis Watesm who died in 1929,

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