4th Battalion of State Troops
Senior Reserves
Company A
Newberry District

Holman, William Henry, Captain, was born in Newberry District, SC, on 10 November 1847, and was the son of Robert Brice and Frances E. (Kinard) Holman. He enlisted and was appointed captain at Newberry on 9 July 1864. Following The War, he moved to Macon, MS, where he died on 11 May 1913.

Thompson, T. A., 1st Lieutenant

Gary, W. L., Bvt. 2nd Lieutenant

Mosely, H. C., 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Williams, C. M., 1st Sergeant

Hattawanger, G. W., Sergeant

Ward, D. M., Sergeant

Wyse, A. M., Sergeant

Cumton, T. S., Corporal

Lowe, W. B., Corporal

Martin, J. G., Corporal

Wheeler, W. B., Corporal

Wirts, John A., Corporal

Abrams, C. B.

Albritan, J. M.

Aull, James H., born about 1847, lived in Cannon TWP

Bedenbaugh, B. C. N.

Bedenbaugh, Frank S.. His wife, Nancy Caroline Bedenbaugh, , applied for a pension, 17 Oct 1919 from Columbia

Bedenbaugh, Z. W.

Bishop, J. C., died 2 Oct 1864 (probably of yellow fever) in the 1st Louisiana Hospital in Charleston

Bookman, C. born 17 Jul 1846. Enlisted April 1864 and served to discharge at Greensboro on 20 Apr 1865; a member of Co. M, 20th Reg SCV, 19th Battalion. He was not wounded

Booyer, J. W.

Boozer, V. R.

Brooks, Preston Smith, born 1847 in Newberry District and died 1894 in Newberry District

Burton, Robert H. . His wife, Mary F Burton, applied for a pension, 7 Apr 1919 from Whitmire, newberry County

Butler, J. C.

Buzhardt ( Buzzard ), O. M.. Applied for a pension, 8 Apr 1919 from Newberry PostWar Recollections

Caldwell, J. W.

Caldwell, R. T., applied for a pension, 29 Mar 1919 from Newberry

Cambbell ( Campbell ), R. J.

Caughman, S. D.

Chambers, H. H.

Chandler, Clayton F., born about 1810, lived in Reeders TWP

Chapman, A. C.

Coats, H. P.

Conolly, J. L.

Corn, D. A.

Cotter, J. H.

Counts, John A.. applied for a pension, 2 May 1919 from Springfield, Orangeburg County.

Counts, Jacob C., applied for a pension, 7 Apr 1919 from Prosperity

Cromer, J. W.

Dansly, D. D.

Davis, T. W., applied for a pension, 25 Mar 1919 from Newberry

Derrick, C. N.

Dewalt, David

Dickert, C. P., born about 1847, lived in Hellers TWP

Dickert, M. M.

Dominick, Henry P.. His wife, Louisa Dominick, applied for a pension, 9 Sep 1919 from Little Mountain

Dominick, Jacob Luther, born 28 Nov 1846 in Newberry District and died 3 Sep 1893 in Columbia. His wife, Georgiean E. Dominick, applied for a pension, 9 Sep 1919 from Newberry

Duckett, S.

Ellison, G. M.

Ellison, P. M.

Epting, H. H.

Epting, H. M., died 13 Mar 1865 and is buried in Confederate Enclosure (Section E) of Elmwood Cemtery, Columbia

Feagle, J. N., applied for a pension, 29 Mar 1919 from Little Mountain, Newberry County

Fellers, H. T.

Fellers, J. H.

Fellers, Mark A.. His wife, Sallie T. Fellers, applied for a pension, 21 Oct 1919 from Greenwood County

Filider, C. C.

Fulmer, I. W.

Gary, C. M.

Gilliam, W. C.

Harrington, E. C.

Hays, Thomas J., applied for a pension, 2 Apr 1919 from Newberry

Hents, T. M.

Herendon, J. P.

Hipp, Jacob J., born about 1847, lived in Cannon TWP

Hutchisson, Young J., born about 1848, lived in Mybinton TWP

Kinard, W. P.

Lake, J. D.

Lake, M. C.. His wife, Laura Smith, applied for a pension, 8 Oct 1919 from Union

Leavell ( Liovell ), Robert Y., applied for a pension, 25 Mar 1919 from Newberry

Litsy ( Litzy ), J. D.

Lyles, R. E.

Maffett ( Moffatt ), Dolphus ( C. O. ), died 1864 in Charleston of yellow fever

McCollough, T. W.

Miller, W. W.

Mitchell ( Mitcell ), J. A., applied for a pension, 25 Mar 1919 from Newberry and his wife, Hester, filed 20 Dec 1919

Moffit, A., fe died 8 Oct 1864 and was buried in Magnolia Cemetery

Monts, G. F.

Moore, Jacob Drayton Moore, born in 1846 in Newberry District and died 1909 in Newberry District

Osner ( Oxber ), J. F.

Pugh, Edward Hawkins. His wife, Debran Pugh, applied for a pension, 14 Oct 1919 from Prosperity

Pugh, William P., born about 1846, lived in Stoney Battery TWP

Riser, W. D.

Schumpert, James J.. His wife, Sue E. Schumpert, applied for a pension, 5 Apr 1919 from Newberry

Spearman, J. P.

Speorman, W. B.

Stephens, Jesse M., born about 1815, lived in Mendenhalls TWP

Stewart, R. S.

Suber, J. B.

Suber, W. Frank, born about 1844, lived in Cannon TWP, applied for a pension, 7 Apr 1919 from Pomaria, Newberry County

Sumner ( Summer ), W. M.

Taylor, L. S.

Trotter, Frank M., enlisted 1 April 1864 and served until 1 April 1865, diuscharged at Hillsboro, NC. He died May 1916

Vaughn ( Vaugn ), James Ranson. His wife, Jane C. Vaughn, applied for a pension, 10 Oct 1919 from Prosperity

Watson, Joseph W., born about 1815, lived in Cromers TWP

Welch, A. C., born about 1842, lived in Cannon TWP. His wife applied for a pension, 8 Apr 1919 from Newberry

Whitman, Elijah Peter, born about 1847, lived in Stoney Battery TWP. His wife, Jane C. Whitman, applied for a pension, 20 Sep 1919 from Newberry

Wicker, James W., born about 1845, lived in Cannon TWP

Williams, J. L.

Wilson, Willis S., born about 1846, lived in Newberry TWP

Wirts ( Werts ), G. P.

Wirts ( Werts ), Jacob L., applied for a pension, 25 Mar 1919 from Saluda

Wirts ( Werts ), J. W.

This battaltion was over strength with 5 companies and Company A was split off on or about 15 October 1864 and eventually mousted and served the rest of the war as "Mounted Infantry" independent of the 4th command structure. They were neither trained as, nor equipped to fight, as cavalry.
Much that has been written regarding the Reserves is negative. Whatever they lacked in leadership and material, they made up for in enthusiasm. The best story regards this company, courtsey Christopher C. C. Pinkney, a Texan who knows more about these units than any SC historian I have ever met.
That unit was recruited from Abbeville, Laurens and Newberry Districts and was composed almost entirely of youths between the ages of 16 and 17 at enlistment -- special permission from General Cooper allowed the company to continue to carry on its rolls members who turned 18 in the course of 1864. Such men would have normally been forwarded to the regular army under the act of February 17, 1864. They were called into active service in the first week of July, 1864, and forwarded by company to Charleston. During the company's tenure at Charleston, many members turned 18, and were forwarded to the Camp of Instruction outside of Columbia, S.C. At that point, the rest were sent to Florence Military Prison. Chesnut received special permission to keep the 18 year olds from Holman's Company (the unit was one of the more efficient in the reserves). Having done so, he ordered the 18 year olds at the Camp of Instruction to return to Newberry and "mount" themselves. Those men (plus, Ca ptain Holman, who apparently was allowed to report to Columbia to argue for the reorganization of his company), returned to the Reserve Headquarters, and accompanied the General on the deployment to Hamburg, S. C. that occurred in response to Sherman's setting forth from Atlanta. The remaining members of Holman's Company left at Florence were very unhappy about their unexciting service at the Military Prison, and sought to be reunited with their compatriots. Under the leadership of a sergeant, the men abandoned their posts, returned to Newberry, and appeared unexpectedly at the Reserve Headquarters at Columbia, mounted and without orders. The company was reunited at Hamburg.

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