4th Battalion of State Troops
Senior Reserves
Company D
Laurens District

Jones, W. J. M. " Nat", Captain

Hudgens, James, 1st Lieutenant, born about 1817, a farmer in Cross Hill, Laurens in 1880

Gary, J. D., 2nd Lieutenant

Fuller, H. M., 3rd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Lindsay, R. B., 1st Sergeant

Anderson, B. A., Sergeant

Berry, J. H., Sergeant

Brown, G. M., Sergeant

Sullivan, J. D., Sergeant

Clardy, J. M., Corporal

Owens, B. L., Corporal

Saxon, P. A., Corporal

Spoon, John, Corporal, born about 1820, a farmer in Waterloo, Laurens County in 1880

Abercrombie, John

Abercrombie, Jonathan

Allison, W. L.

Anderson, D. H.

Arnold, Martin

Austin, W. H.

Bailey, H. M.

Balentine, D. F.

Bedenbaugh, Elijah King (E. K.), born 11 July 1847, died 18 July 1910, married 22 December 1870 Mattie J. Rogers. Both buried Prosperity Cemetery, Newberry County.

Benjamin, Matt, born about 1828, a farmer in Laurens, Laurens County in 1880

Blackerby, B. F. T.

Blackwell, J. H.

Boland, H. H.

Bolt, James

Bolt, Samuel

Boyd, A. M.

Boyd, J. H.

Boyd, J. L.

Brooks, J. S.

Bryson, W. C.

Burton, Hiram

Burton, T. T.

Coleman, Absalom

Coleman, W. G.

Crout, A. M.

Dagnel, William

Daniel, James Wright, He was born 22 Janiary 1814; his parents were Harrison and Susannah Daniel. He married in 1839 Eliza Antoinette Anderson, daughter of Thomas Anderson of Laurens County. He was the father of 11 children; three of his sons became Methodist ministers. Three other of his children died when quite young. After the war ended, he also served as a justice of the peace in Laurens County. He died 2 February 1904 and his wife died 24 October 1901. Both James and his wife Eliza are buried at in the cemetery at King's Chapel.

Davenport, John

Davis, B. C.

Davis, William

Dial, Hasting

Elledge, Marion

Elmore, L. D.

Finley, Harrison

Finley, William T., buried New Prospect Baptist Church, Laurens County

Fuller, C. E.

Fuller, Thomas

Fuller, W. P.

Golding, J. R.

Goodman, B. B.

Grayden, Starling

Griffm, R. A.

Harris, Oliver P., born about 1848, Stony Battery, Newberry County, married to Amanda C. buried in Prosperity Cemetery, Newberry County.

Harris, W. P.

Helms, W. M.

Helms, William

Hill, Crawford

Hitt, Rainey

Holcomb, Elisha

Holden, Solomon

Holmes, N. J.

Jones, A. C.

Jones, James

Kernels, Jack

Madden, Sidney LaFayette, born 28 Sept 1846. He was discharged in Newberry on 9 Apr 1865. He was a farmer in Sullivan, Laurens County after the war.

Martin, A. S.

Martin, J. A.

Martin, James H., died 22 Jun 1886, buried New Prospect Baptist Church, Laurens County

Martin, J. M.

Martin, J. S.

Martin, James

McPhearson, Manoah

Milam, D. M.

Miller, John

Miller, W. J.

Monday, S. O.

Moore, G. E.

Moore, W. J.

Motes, John H., buried New Prospect Baptist Church, Laurens County

Nash, Robert Anderson, the son of Miles Nash. was born 14 June 1847, died 3 January 1921, and was buried in the churchyard cemetery at Pisgah United Methodist Church near Ware Shoals, Greenville County

Nickeles, J. A.

Norman, John

Pinson, J. A.

Pitts, E. L.

Pucket, J. A.

Robertson, Pierson

Saxon, J. T.

Simpson, A. F.

Smith, C. D.

Summerell, H. W.

Sykes, Charles

Taylor, D. G.

Taylor, J. W.

Turner, Thomas

Wadkins, H. H.

Waldrop, Franklin

Walker, J. H.

Wallace, John

Wasson, J. H.

Watkins, H. H.

Watkins, Wylie Y., born about 1847, died in 1928 at his home in western Laurens County near Ware Shoals, and is buried at King's Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery in Laurens County (5 miles outside Ware Shoals)

Wharton, W. N.

Whitley, William

Wills, J. W.

Winn, O. A.

Winston, G. G.

Woods, Kellit

Wooteman, J. D.

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