4th Battalion of State Troops
Senior Reserves
Company F
Abbeville District

Robertson, Wesley H., Captain, of Cokesbury was appointed captain of the company, on 1 Nov 1864, when Company B, was divided to form Company F, most likely based on his prior service as a sergeant in Co. G, 1st (Orr's) SC Rifles. He was discharged for disability (kidney stones) from Orr's Rifles on 23 Apr 1864 and joined Coleman's Co. Reserves (later Co. B) on 14 May 1864, at Abbeville.

Roche ( Roache ), Edward, 1st Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers

Bluford, Byrd

Bonham, Ross

Bowen, James

Bowie, Asa

Brock, W. I.

Brooks, J. W.

Burton, Josiah

Calvert, James M.

Cann, J. W.

Carter, Samuel

Cater, F. M.

Clark, James

Clay, Elisha

Cleland, Charles

Cowan, John

Creswell, James

Cunningham, Thomas

Dousenbury, George

Drunkard, G. D.

Dunn, Robert

Edwards, James M.

Edwards, Joseph M.

Elmore, George

Fleming, G. B.

Foard, J. A.

Gable, John

Hacket, W. F.

Hall, W. A.

Hammon, H. S.

Harnden, R. L.

Hawthorn, J. M.

Hill, Daniel

Holloway, E. P.

Learoy, P. B.

Leland, John A.

Lomax, S. R.

Malone, W. S.

McAdams, J. J.

McClain, Isaac

McCord, J. R.

McCracken, T. J.

McDill , J.

McFerrin, James

Mobley, Thomas

Munday, William N.

Murdock, David

Newby, John N.

Patterson, John H.

Porter, J. H.

Prince, Hugh M.

Rampay, James

Richey, Isaac R.

Riley, Thomas

Robertson, W. L.

Shanks, J. J.

Silks, James

Southerland, William

Spikes, H. M.

Stacy, Thomas

Taylor, Edward B.

Taylor, James

Watt, James

Whiteford, David

Battalion Page

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