Post of Columbia
Richland Jail
Post Guards
Senn's Company

Senn, Rufus D., Captain

Gill, George C., 1st Lieutenant

Belcher, George W., 2nd Lieutenant, joined as a 3rd Lieutenant

Richbourg, Rufus N., 2nd Lieutenant

White, James M., 2nd Lieutenant, joined as a Private

NonCommissioned Officers
Mauldin, Lemuel C., 1st Sergenant

Stockman,, T. P., Sergeant Major, joined as a Private

Addison, G. W., Sergeant, joined as a Corporal

Carroll, A. E., Sergeant, joined as a Corporal

Mauldin, Lemuel C., Sergeant

Mullinax ( Mullinix ), W. C., Sergeant

Phillips, W. J., Sergeant, joined as a Corporal

Black, A. P., Corporal, joined as a Private

Ellis, M. M., Corporal

Miles, Edward H., Corporal, joined as a Private

Prince, Hugh M., Corporal, joined as a Private

Simpson, Hugh, Corporal, joined as a Private

Weir ( Neir ), W. S., Corporal, joined as a Private

Trevet, L. H., Drummer

Adams, James H.

Aiken, William

Alewine, T. A. ( T. H. ) ( T. F. )

Alexander, Robert Carson Morrison, Born 24 July 1815 at Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. He later served with Captain John Hardin in Company E, 3rd Battalion, Senior Reserves from Chester County. Died 07 April 1892 at Chester, South Carolina. Buried in Evergreen Cemetery at Chester, SC.

Alexander, William

Alexander, Wilson

Alford, J. C.

Ammon ( Ammons ) ( Ammens ), Solomon

Anderson, C. D.

Ard, W. J.

Atkinson, John T.

Balentine, George

Barfield, G. W.

Baugh, William

Baughman, W. G. ( W. C. )

Beckham, W. G.

Bell, A. T.

Bell, J. M.

Benjamin ( Benjamine ), M.

Blackman, J. W.

Blackman, W. J.

Blakely ( Blakeley ), Edwin

Bland, Charles

Boatwright, Benjamin

Boatwright, John H. ( K. ) ( R. )

Boney, Arthur

Boney, Samuel

Boyd, B. F.

Boyle, Pat

Brice, I. N.

Brock, Stephen ( L. )

Brock, W. T.

Brown, D. R.

Brown, Isaac

Brown, W. F.

Busby, Christopher

Campbell, G. Edward

Campbell, W. A.

Campbell, William M.

Cannon, Benjamin

Chambers, J. H.

Clark, Isaac H.

Clayton, J. J.

Cockfield, W. H.

Coker, S. M.

Cook, A. J., Orangeburg County, POW at Hart's Island, April - July, 1865

Cook, T. D.

Cook, Thomas C.

Courtney, William

Cowan, John

Cox, Carwile

Crawford, Robert

Creswell, R. P.

Creswell, Thomas

Cribb, Thomas

Cromer, J. L.

Crook, D. S. ( D. L. )

Cunningham, J. J.

Curry, T. R.

Dale ( Dail ), Elias

Davenport ( Devenport ), Moses

Devine, Jerry

Dickerson, T. E.

Dinkins, R.

Dobbins, Jesse

Dobson, J. L.

Driggers, Elisha

Drinkard, George

Duzenberry, George

Earwood, A.

Easler, Joel

Eaves, Joseph S.

Edwards, J. B.

Edwards, J. M.

Egan, John

Elison ( Elixon ), Bryant

English, William J.

Enlow, A. G. ( A. Y. )

Eubanks, Walter

Evans, W. C.

Featherston, R. D.

Ferrell, H. M.

Fincklea ( Finklea ), Willis

Finley ( Findley ), James

Fleming, Green ( Griffin )

Floyd, J. E.

Floyd, N. P., also served in 2nd SC Cavalry, Co F.

Fowler, Shelton

Franklin, B.

Franklin, M.

Fulmer, J. A. ( J. H. )

Gainey, E.

Gamble, George

Givings ( Givins ), A. J.

Givings, Henry

Gladden, J. L.

Going, D. D.

Good, H.

Graham, O. B. H.

Graham, W. N.

Gray, W. D.

Gregg, R. J.

Gunter, W.

Hamilton, Robert

Hancock, Daniel

Harden ( Hardin ) ( Harten ), F. A.

Hardwick, L. M.

Harkness, J. J.

Hames ( Harney ), Joshua

Harms ( Ham ), William

Harris, W. T.

Harten, John A.

Hawkins, John

Hawthorn, O. P.

Hendrix, A.

Herring, William

Hilton, W. N.

Hipp, James

Hodge, Alfred

Horn ( Hom ), Crayton

Hornsby, W. H.

Huckabee, W. G.

Hughes, A.

Hughes, R. E.

Humphreys, J. T.

Humphreys, Samuel L.

Hyatt, James H.

Inabinet, Anaburke, Orangeburg County, POW at Hart's Island, April - July, 1865

Ivey, R.

Jamison, W. C.

Jeffcoat, Jacob

Johnson, J. T.

Jones, A. S.

Jones, D. S. ( D. K. )

Jones, Henry

Jones, J. E.

Jones, R. P.

Jones, T. J.

Jordan, J. W.

Judy, J. J.

Kearney, Richard

Kennedy, E. G.

Kennedy, F.

Kennedy, W. P.

Kinard, Drayton T., also served in 2nd SC Cavalry, Co D.

Klugh, H. G.

Koon, J. S. ( J. L. )

Lake, John R.

Langley, R. L.

Langston, Ben

Latimer, W. T. ( N. T. )

Lee, W. D.

Lever, J. D.

Love, T. M.

Loyless, William

Malone, John

Malone, S.

Mangum, J. B.

Mattison, Wyatt

Mauldin, M.

Mc Adams, J. J.

Mc Call, T. M.

Mc Cauley, M.

Mc Collough, J. W.

Mc Cormick, P. H.

Mc Elroy, J. W.

Mc Fadden, R. B. ( P. B. )

Mc Garity ( Mc Garrity ), G. Frank

Mc Gougan, Dan

Mc Lane, J. D.

Means, H. F.

Melton, Allen

Merchant, D. H.

Metz ( Metzs ), George

Miles, R. F.

Miles, Thomas H. ( A. )

Miller, Jacob

Miller, Z.

Mills, A.

Montgomery, J. A.

Morris, G. T.

Morris, J. T.

Neal, William

Nelson, Hiram

Newby, John

Norris, A. M.

Norris, Henry

Norris, Herbert F.

Nunnery, B. T.

Odom ( Odam ), J. D.

Olney, W. H.

Orcutt, L.

Osborn, W. M.

Pack, W. F.

Padget, Josiah

Pardue, John

Parrish, James M.

Parrish, W. N. ( W. W. )

Patterson, Robert

Pearson, I. W.

Phillips, W. R.

Pollard, Joshua

Posey, Edward ( Eldred )

Posten ( Postin ), Alfred

Price, John

Pursley, John

Raser ( Razor ), L. J.

Reeder, A. M.

Remley, William H.

Rhine, Noah

Rhodes, B. F.

Ridgeway, L. M.

Riley, O. D. A.

Robertson, A. M.

Rodgers, I. L.

Rogers, Anderson

Roland, J. J., also served in 2nd SC Cavalry, Co F.

Roller, William

Rykard ( Ricard ) ( Rikand ), Frederick ( Fredls ) ( Fed )

Satterfield, E.

Scurry, J. C.

Setzler, Jacob

Shedd, Joseph, also served in 2nd SC Cavalry, Co F.

Shira, William

Shoemaker ( Shumake ) ( Shumate ), G. W. ( G. N. )

Simpson, L. R. ( I. R. )

Simpson, W. D.

Sloan, Robert

Smith, J. K.

Smith, W. B.

Snider, Henry

Snyder ( Smyer ), J. R.

Steen, John

Stephenson ( Stevenson ), J. G.

Stephenson ( Stevenson ), W. G.

Stephenson ( Stevenson ), W. J.

Stockman, L. P.

Suber, F. M. ( J. M. )

Taylor, E. B.

Taylor, T. J.

Tennant, J. B.

Thomas, W. P.

Thompson, William

Timberlake, J. C.

Tindal, I. J.

Towers, A. B.

Tribble, E. K.

Trowbridge, S. F.

Turner, William

Vareen, J. D.

Walton, W. P.

Watts, J. G.

Weaver, J. A.

Weeks, Hampton

Weeks, I. M.

Wheeler, Alex

White, William

Wiggins, Britten

Williams, H.

Wilson, W. T.

Woods, D. M.

Wylie, Jonathan

Young, James M.

The only record of service for Senn's Company is in Guard Duty at the Richland Jail. The number of troops indicates they also did service at Camp Sorghum and Camp Asylum, know to be guarded by Local Defense troops. The number also indicates that the number was so large since the men had war related factory jobs. Also, many were younger than age of conscription and joined other units as the became of age. In addition to POW guard duty, there is some evidence that assited in maintaining Civil Order, guarded the various bridges amd military resources of the area.

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