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Robert Meriwether enlisted in the Confederate Army as Captain of Company H of the 1st South Carolina Volunteers. This regiment fired the FIRST SHOTS at Fort Sumter, the act that officially started the War Between the States. The 1st South Carolina Volunteers disbanded soon after the surrender of Fort Sumter. He later served in the 2nd and 5th State Troops.
Captain Meriwether joined the 6th Battalion of South Carolina Senior Reserves and was promoted to the rank of Major and was the commanding officer for the battalion. The 6th Senior Reserves served as guards at the prisoner of war camp at Florence, South Carolina, until November 1864. On 5 November 1864, the 6th reported 262 men present for duty.
On 3 November 1864, Major Meriwether was ordered to take his Battalion to Augusta, and join the fight against Yankee General Sherman on his "Retreat to the Sea". Over the next four months, the 6th fought numerous battles and skirmishes against Sherman's forces in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. On 31 March 1865, Major Meriwether was present with the 6th Senior Reserves near Smithfield, North Carolina, under the command of Gen. Joseph E. Johnson. The 6th fought at the Battle of Bentonville, NC, and was present for duty in Blanchard's Brigade near Raleigh, NC, on 10 April 1865. Major Meriwether surrendered at Greensboro, NC in May 1865, after being surrendered by General Johnson. He returned to South Carolina, but moved to Brazil in August 1865, to become one of the earliest Confederados.
6th Senior Reserves

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