Letter to Dexter Converse Regarding Employment at the Glendale Mill



This letter was written in 1896. 
The original was given to Clifdale Elementary School by David Moore, local historian.  The text reads:

Dear Sir,

I note by the newspapers that the plant of the Clifton Mfg. Co. is expected to be ready for operation in a few weeks.  And it is with the hope that you will have an opening for a young man of steady habits and reliability, that I have taken the liberty of addressing you. 

Am competent to fill the position of paymaster, shipping clerk or assistant book-keeper.  Will be at liberty after Nov. 1


I beg to refer to the following gentlemen

Mr. Frederick Holt  Newry, S.C.

Mr. John P. Henry  Agent Crystal Spring B. & D. Co.  Fall River, Mass.


Trusting that you will pardon me taking the liberty of addressing you.  I am

Yours Very Truly,

Harry P. Mercer

100 Ridge St.