The Oldest People in Area Cemeteries

Some of the cemeteries are very old and have very old people buried in it.    Solomon Crocker was buried at Bethesda Baptist Church’s cemetery.  He was the oldest member it had.  He was born in1757 and he died in 1843.  


Rachael Cannon is the oldest person berried in the Bagwell Cemetery, and she was the daughter of William and Sarah Bagwell.  The Bagwells were early settlers who came to the Glendale area from Hillsborough, North Carolina, during the Revolutionary War.  He served under American General Nathanael Greene.  After the war, Bagwell returned to the area and built what came to be known as the Bagwell Plantation.  The plantation grew to include more than 1,00 acres and barns, slave quarters, a carriage house, a cotton gin, a gristmill, a blacksmith shop and a general store.   Rachael was born on June 10, 1799 and died on January 8, 1848.