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Gibson, Althea

Althea Gibson was born near Sumter, South Carolina in 1927. She is best known for her athletic accomplishments including being named the woman athlete of the year in 1957. She earned this title by winning the All-England Women's singles at Wimbledon, the United States Women's day-court championship in Illinois, and the U.S. Open in New York all in the same year. She was a very talented tennis player: at only 15 years of age she was the New York State black girls tennis singles champion. She defended her title in 1958, by again winning the U.S. Open and the Wimbledon Championship. She not only played tennis, but her talents also extended to golf. Later, in 1963, she joined the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association), displaying her golf skills to the world. She was recognized for her outstanding talent again in 1971 with her induction into the National Lawn Tennis Hall of Fame.